A Tribute To Some Wonderful Christian People

Nobody will ever convince me that there are better people on this earth than true Christians.  Yes, there are many, many hypocrites, and a multitude of false versions of "Christianity" which the devil has used to poison the minds of many against the one, true religion of the Author of the heavens and the earth.  But when you find those who truly strive to live according to the Bible, you will never find better people.  That's to be expected, of course, because they live by the highest moral standard in existence.  If America has any chance of survival, any chance at all, it rests solely in a return to the Bible, to the pure, undiluted doctrines of Chrisitanity.  I challenge anyone to point to any problem that America--or the world--has that cannot be solved by a proper application of the teachings of Jesus Christ.  It isn't the true Chrisitans who are raping, robbing, committing murder, spreading vile and filthy sexual diseases, and plaguing mankind with drugs, alcohol, pornography, divorce, terrorism, feminism, and any other scourge our planet faces today.  True Christianity, universally applied, will eliminate every one of those, and no other religion or philosophy can say that.

I write these words, number one, because they are true, and they are manifest every day of the year.  But I also am writing because I want to say a few words about some wonderful, loving, thoughful Christian people.  The church of Christ in Wartburg, Tennessee, has since I've been in Korea, sent me three "care boxes" full of items that I simply cannot get here, or are very expensive.  I never asked them to send me anything; they volunteered, wanting to know the things I needed--but also wanted.  I received two of those packages today filled with various things I have use for; but the most touching contents of the boxes were 11 Christmas cards from various members of the church there.  Wartburg is a small congregation, so 11 cards represents most of the people/families in that church.  And some may think that a card isn't much; but it's the time and the thoughtfulness behind the card that means so much.  It's heart-stirring, much more than I could ever put into words.

And then, of course, there is the time and expense of purchasing and mailing the goods in the packages.  I want to publicly thank Rick and Julie Comer for spearheading this.  They are one of the bedrock couples in that congregation; finer people neither inhabit this globe, nor will inherit glory. Rick has kept in contact with me ever since I left Tennessee, and he'll never know how much it means to me to hear from him.  Another member there, a widow lady named Necie Martin, also sends me emails--sometimes inspiring, sometimes funny, always appreciated.  As I mentioned, the Wartburg church of Christ is a small church, maybe 40 or 50 people in attendance on a good Sunday morning.  But the Lord doesn't need huge number to do good.  And world evangelism, as important as it is, is not the sum total of the religion of Jesus Christ.  He watched a widow throw two mites, less than a penny, into the treasury, and to Him, it was great thing.  The people in Wartburg may not think they are doing a "great thing".  But I think they are, and I'll bet the Lord does, too.

If only...if only, only, only...this world had more people like those brethren in Tennessee.