Michael Vick "Should Have Been Executed"

Last night, on Sean Hannity's program, Tucker Carlson, a conservative commentator, suggested the Michael Vick "should have been executed" for his dog-fighting and cruel killing of dogs.  Well, why not?  According to evolutionary mythology, humans are just animals.  Dogs are animals.  We execute humans for killing other human-animals, why not execute humans for killing dog-animals?  Some dogs (most?) are a whole lot more likeable and useful than most humans anyway.  Carlson's idea sounds pretty good to me.  Stick Vick's head under water and hold him down till he drowns--just like he did to dogs.

Now, I'm being totally facetious here, except for the evolutionary mythology, the biggest crock on nonsense ever foisted upon humanity.  What Michael Vick did is utterly disgusting, revolting, and inexcusable.  But he spent 18 months in prison, and since he has been released, he has made efforts to change his behavior.  Sincere or not, I don't know, that's between Vick and God.  But he has been volunteering at the Humane Society, talking to school and community groups about the evils of dog-fighting, and wants to adopt a "homeless" dog.  The Christian religion teaches that a person can, and should, repent of their evil--not just in word, but in deed, and I think Michael Vick is doing just about everything he can in that regard.  He'll never be able to undo the wrong he did, but then, none of us will.  Carlson's comment was way over the top.

What he said was in response to President Obama commending the Philadelphia Eagles for giving Vick another chance.  I don't like much of what Obama says, of course (I have agreed with him a few times), because most of the time he is wrong because his whole philosophical presuppositions about life are wrong.  But I think he has a valid point about Vick; in most instances, people deserve a second chance, and Michael Vick is, at least in appearance, trying to make good with his.  Too often, conservatives simply make a knee-jerk negative response to anything a liberal says (the same is true the other way as well), and that is no doubt what Tucker Carlson was doing--Obama said it, so it must be wrong.  Not a good way to convince people of your own sincerity, wisdom, or merit in being heard.

I'm not especially a fan of Michael Vick because I don't particularly like the Philadelphia Eagles.  But if he is sincere and keeps doing what he's doing, then I'll back him 100%.