Current Event Ramblings, October 27

It's been a really busy semester and that's interfered with my writing and some other things I wanted to do.  But I've got a few minutes and have a few thoughts.......

The Democrats are running a TV ad aimed at young people.  Some sleazy actress compares voting for Obama the first time to the feeling one gets from losing his/her virginity.  Absolutely, utterly disgusting.  But that is the Democratic Party now.  Obviously, Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party see nothing wrong with this kind of appeal.  There are very few taboos to these people, and the mindset that would even think of an ad like that is indicative of how far into immoral slime the Democrats have sunk.  It also tells us that Obama has nothing positive to run on.

It really looks, at the moment, like Mitt Romney is going to win the election.  Barack Obama has been a horrible President; I knew--and said--four years ago that he would be, and it's only ignorance of history and the Bible that ever had any hope that he would do a good job.  Such ignorance still supports him.  And there is no excuse for it, not in this day and age.  This election should not even be close.  It borders on amazing that any American would support Obama.  Yet, he still has a chance to win.  The vast majority of blacks, who have absolutely no ability to think for themselves, will vote for Obama.  It's a racist thing, and most blacks are far more racist than most whites.  An increasing number of Americans are living off other people, have no conscience about it, and fear losing their lazy lifestyle; Obama certainly appeals to those people.  There is also--and don't underestimate this--an increasing number of people who hate Christianity and everything it stands for.  That is just about the only way a white, working individual could support Barack Obama, and it largely explains his support in the notheastern part of the country, which is largely white.  They hate the South, they always have, and it's a moral issue, not economic or anything else.  That number of Americans is growing, too.  And, of course, the Democrats will do anything they can to win; no scruples.  If they can steal the election by voter fraud, they will do it.  Make no mistake about that, either.  Any group of people that would support the murder of unborn children, the rights of queers to get "married", and disgusting TV ads like the one mentioned above, certainly would have no qualms about lying about voting, and no conscience about stealing an election.

The simple question is--the only question is--do there remain enough decent Americans to elect Mitt Romney?  Romney is certainly not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but he is a decent human being, and Barack Obama is nothing but a lying, Chicago thug.  He never was qualified to be President, he was a media creation from the very beginning.  He is not especially intelligent,  has no talent except to read, from a teleprompter, a speech written by somebody else, he is an amoral Marxist, who is the most radical, left-wing President ever elected.  And, frankly, all this was known four years ago; this is not new. The "mainstream" American media, who put him in power in the first place by their savage attacks on George Bush and their Messianic exaltation of Obama, is doing everything they can to get him re-elected.  The reason Romney might win is that, now, Obama has a four-year record as President, and it's a horrible one.  Obama has wasted trillions of taxpayer dollars and put the country deeper in debt.  Americans realize that making the decision to kill Osama bin Laden did not take a lot of intestinal fortitutde; only Bill Clinton wouldn't make a decision like that.  The economy has not recovered (the 7.8% unemployment rate is a joke), and it will not and cannot under Obama's policies.  The world is not a safer place, and Libyan disaster can be laid right at Obama's feet.  He knew about it almost immediately, and just as quickly, in a clear case of CYA, he lied about repeatedly.  For all his talk of "healing" the country, he is as partisan as any President in history.   

But, yet, he still might win.  The fact that almost half the people are going to vote for him indicates how little education Americans have, and how far the country has drifted from decency, morality, and plain old common sense.  This election will tell if America has passed the point of no return.