Current Events Ramblings, May 13

Happy Mother's Day, mom!  I love you.  I wish I could be there to see you, though I am having an increasingly difficult time determining why anybody would want to live in the immoral cesspool liberals are turning the United States into.  And I'm not the only one who has that sentiment....

Eduardo Saverin, the billionaire co-founder of Facebook, renounced his U.S. citizenship.  It seems like he wants to get out of the country before his next tax bill is due.  Apparently a lot of rich people have been fleeing America recently.  Why not?  Why stay there and give your hard-earned money to Barack Obama, who is going to turn around and give it to lazy bums who haven't worked for it?  For that same reason, people have been leaving California in droves and now Jerry Brown finds the state is $16 billion in debt.  A lot of wealthy Frenchmen are apparently planning on leaving France before their newly-elected Socialist President can tax them out of existence.  (Incidentally, it's now being reported that Francois Hollande owns three homes on the Riviera and is immensely wealthy.  Not only are most socialists tyrants, they are also hypocrites. Well, maybe he'll tax himself into oblivion--but don't bet on it.)  Liberals seem to think that wealthy people are just dying to give their money to government and thus will sit around and wait for their taxes to be raised so that liberals can waste more of it on welfare programs that, for 80 years, not only haven't worked, but have been socially disastrous.  But the rich didn't get rich by allowing themselves to be taxed out the wazoo by wasteful government.  Tax receipts will not increase if Obama is successful in raising tax rates.  He'll simply kill off initiative and prolong the recession.  Recovery can only come through business investment and that will only happen under an administration that encourages entrepreneurial activity, not threatens to punish it with higher taxes and more regulations.  Please study the 1930s to see why FDR failed to get America out of the Great Depression.  Somebody needs to study it; Barack Obama obviously isn't.

Albert Einstein once said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."  More evidence of that, from the AP:  "In a world weary of war and economic crises, and concerned about global climate change, the consensus is that President Obama has not lived up the the lofty expectations that surrounded his 2008 election and Nobel Peace Prize a year later."  Awww, the world is disappointed in their "Messiah."  But this simply shows the boundless ignorance--yea, stupidity--of humans.  There is absolutely no way that Barack Obama could succeed as President.  His policies are a direct violation of economic, historic, and moral law.  Liberalism is doomed to fail wherever it is tried because it is simply wrong, it contradicts eternal truth.  "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom," and "the fear of the Lord" is the very thing liberalism despises more than anything else.  And yet the world is "disappointed" that Obama has failed.  There is no excuse for such ignorance and I don't feel one bit sorry for those who placed so much hope in Obama.  They have the light in their hands--the Bible and the testimony of thousands of years of human history--but they refuse to look at it.  They deserve what they get.

Just a little anecdote confirming what I just wrote.  The following was said by Roman orator and statesman Cicero in 55 B.C.:  "The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt.  People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."

He said that 28 years before the fall of the Roman Republic.  Anyone willing to learn from history?

Obama Supports Queer "Marriage"

This is not a surprise, of course.  Indeed, it would have been a surprise if he hadn't.  Nearly the entire Democratic Party has given itself over to a deliberate rejection of Christianity and the values upon which the United States was founded.  As I have noted before many times, America's continued degeneration into an immoral, hedonistic swamp is wholly in line with history and Biblical teaching--further confirmation of the truth of Bible, incidentally, which teaches, and illustrates with historical examples, that God cannot be mocked forever.

Economically, look at Europe today.  That's where the Democrats are taking America.  And America will get there, some day, regardless of who wins the election this year.  This year's election will simply indicate how far the United States has gone towards European style fascism (it's not socialism, it's fascism), and how deep the immoral quagmire has become.  And again, none of this surprises me in the least.

No, really the only reason I'm even posting about this is to ponder an interesting question.  Regarding the queer "marriage" question, I wonder whether the "Reverends" Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Jeremiah Wright are going to support God and marriage as He intends it--or Barack Obama and Sodom and Gomorrah?  It's a clear choice.  Which is more important to them--the principles of the religion they supposedly are ministers for...or the color of their own skin?

I'm not a betting man, of course, but if I were, I'd bet every dime I had that those three men will continue to support Barack Obama.  And so will 90% of the black people in America.  To their own destruction.

I confess to being a pessimist and a cynic; it is hard to be even moderately educated in the Bible and history and have a cheery outlook on humanity's prospects for the near future (having clinical depression doesn't help, either).  I've tended to believe that Barack Obama will win re-election this November, simply because the numbers of government dependents and God-haters has been increasing steadily over the years and, at some point (if they don't already), they will outnumber those who still believe in hard work, virtue, excellence, and Christian morality.  I'm not so sure about this election, however, and it is possible that Obama could lose.  He is so incredibly incompetent and unqualified, he's a joke of a President, and millions of American people are utterly fed up with the condition of the country--a direct result of godless liberalism and the Democratic Party (and a gutless Republican Party hasn't helped much).  Many people--having been educated in government schools--don't understand what the problem is, but they do sense that something is terribly wrong with America, and Barack Obama represents that.  His endorsement of queer "marriage" is a direct attack on the traditional values of the United States and an insult to God and thousands of years of human existence.  The very fact that pea-brained parasites like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are considered seriously by the national media is further evidence of how far America has descended into an ignorance and moral turpitude.  Wise people can see that; the question is, are there enough wise people left in America to vote such bumbling fools like Obama out of office?

I couldn't help but laugh, along with millions of other people, at the results of the West Virginia Democratic primary yesterday.  Some prison inmate in Texas paid the fee to get on the ballot and he got 40% of the vote against Obama.  This, of course, was to send a message of how many people--Democrats in West Virginia--are disgusted with Obama.  It was an insult to him, and it was intended to be.  But it further illustrates how much of a joke this man is, if the people of West Virginia are willing to stoop so low--really degrading the office of the Presidency--by voting for a convicted criminal.  But the one who is really degrading the office is...Barack Obama.  Frankly, I would have voted for the Texas inmate, too.  There is absolutely no way he could do more harm to the country than Barack Obama has done.

The Democrats are in trouble, there's no question about that.  The unions in Wisconsin were able to get enough signatures to have a recall election against Republican governor Scott Walker, but the results yesterday of the primary for that election were interesting.  Walker was the only Republican in that party's primary; no Republican even had to vote because Walker is going to be the candidate.  But yet, he received more votes than the two Democratic candidates combined.  Ultimately, this doesn't mean anything, of course; the election is next month (I think).  But it does seem to indicate that Republican voters are motivated.  And scared.  And they have every right to be.

The Presidential election, of course, isn't until November; that's an eternity in politics.  The fact that Obama's approval numbers are still in the 40s--when he should be laughed out of office--is another fair indication of how far gone America truly is.  Mitt Romney doesn't inspire a lot of people; but Barack Obama does, and mainly he inspires people to vote against him.  Yet, don't underestimate the Democratic political machine.  They've succeeded in putting more and more people on the government dole, which is exactly what they wanted, and most of those people will vote for Obama.  Add to that the hedonistic crowd and minorities...I'm still not optimistic that Obama will be defeated, but he and Vice-President Buffoon might just incompetently bumble their way out of the White House.

Current Event Ramblings, May 4

It has been a while since I checked in, so I thought I'd post a word or two.  The weather has finally started warming up here in Dalian, up to 77 degress today.  But it's been so cold for so long that it feels like 90.  Spring fever has hit me with a vengeance, so I haven't been terribly active.  But then, I never am.

There has been no school this week because of the "May Day" holiday.  That's the big communist holiday, officially on May 1.  I was out on May 1 and curiously noted that many people did, indeed, take the day off, but that virtually none of the shops were closed as hordes of these Chinese capitalistic pigs obviously decided to not honor the countless millions of people who died in the name of communistic purity.  Economic reality has a way of pushing aside utopian idealism.

The American media got tired of George Zimmerman because the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death gave them an opportunity to campaign for Barack Obama.  This is the only "success" they can find in his entire administration, so they've tooted the horn as much as possible.  The narcissistic Obama, of course, hasn't been slow, either, to remind people of Osama's death, apparently wanting Americans to believe that he is the only person in the world who would have given the order to go get the terrorist (Mitt Romney certainly wouldn't have done it).  This is utterly ridiculous and shameless, of course; it was a no-brainer.  Any retarded third grader would have given the same order Obama did.  To imply otherwise is to hope that America is as full of stupid people as...well, as America apparently is or Obama would never have gotten elected in the first place.

Obama is in some degree of trouble, regarding his re-election.  He is so incompetent and unqualified, and his administration has been such an unmitigated failure, that there may be enough Americans left who see it.  Some people are comparing this administration to the Carter years and thus, since Reagan won by a landslide, Romney might do the same.  But I'm not so sure.  We are 30 years farther into the future, a new generation that knows not Reagan has been born, and the Democrats have done everything they can to make as many people as possible dependent upon government.  Trotting along behind Europe and headed for the same disaster.  Those dependents are going to vote for Obama, of course, at least most of them.  He'll be over halfway to the electoral votes he needs, given the fact he will win California, New York, and New England.  It speaks volumes--encyclopedias--about America, that he has a chance to be re-elected.  But, as I've noted many, it is no surprise to anyone who knows history and the Bible, it's just a shame to anyone who loves the United States.

Oh, speaking of George Zimmerman, if he were illegally in the country, he'd be an "Hispanic" and a media darling, but since he killed a black, his "white" ancestry got all the media attention, at least initially.  "Black" trumps "Hispanic".  And everything else.  Barack Obama is also half-white, of course.  Tiger Woods is half-Asian.  Of course, women, who are the majority in the country, are also a "minority," and Elizabeth Warren, the liberal thing who is running for Senator in Massachusetts, is further a minority because she is 1/32nd Indian....

I think I'll go back to bed....