Current Event Ramblings and Obama's America

We got a few snow flurries yesterday here in Dalian.  I much prefer cold weather to hot weather, but even I am getting a little tired of this.  It is supposed to get into the 50s next week, so maybe spring will arrive soon.

Baseball season will begin in less than 2 weeks.  There is not much reason to be excited about it.  The Astros are going to stink, and the Rangers aren't going to make it back to the World Series again.  I do appreciate something the Astros recently did.  This is the 50th year of their existence, so one of the things they are going to do in celebration is to wear some of their old-time uniforms, including the Colt .45 jerseys of the first years of their existence.  Well, that particulary jersey happens to have a gun on it.  A few months ago, Bud Selig, baseball commissioner and first class sycophant who can't do enough to kiss the feet of political correctness, ordered the Astros to take the gun off that uniform.  The Astros said no, and a long negotiation was held about it.  Finally, MLB said "do what you want to."  Astros management decided to take a vote of their fans to see whether they wanted the gun to remain on the jersey.

Do I have to tell you the outcome of that vote in Texas?

I said a few weeks ago that there was liable to be violence in the streets in America in this election year.  And I still think it is very possible.  It is what the left does, and the farther they move away from Christian principles, the more likely it is to happen.  There is reason for it.  Liberalism--leftism--is simply wrong.  Its ideas are against moral and economic law and thus cannot work.  But, having rejected Chrisitianity, liberalism is a liberal's religion and he won't give it up.  So, since the application of his ideas do not work, but only produce greater division, corruption, and failure in a society, he has to resort to something else to try to get his way, and that's violence.  Cower, frighten, and intimidate others into getting his way.  In America's case, some people are eventually going to start shooting back. 

Coming soon to an America near you.

Obama is actually liable to lose the election if gas prices don't go down.  The Obama media can fool the blind about the economy (not) improving, but gasoline prices are something that people can actually see and feel and that can't be hidden under media spin.  The Republicans are doing everything they can to ensure Obama's re-election, but he might lose anyway.  But probably not.  As Adolf Hitler once said, "There are no end of stupid people in the world."

Many of those people reside in the United States, of course, but Europe is full of them, too.  It is hard to find a period in history that has produced as many incompetent, retarded, ignorant, and utterly dimwitted politicians as Europe has right now.  It's almost unbelievable how stupid those "leaders" are. And it's a shame.  Europe produced the greatest civilization in human history after Columbus (the apex was the country established by America's Founding Fathers), and they are doing everything they can to throw it all away.  It takes centuries to build a civilization.  It takes only a few years to descend into barbarism.  The current Europe, of course, is Obama's model so it is not surprising to see America heading in the same direction.

Jesse Jackson:  "Blacks are under attack."  Yes, and they have been for many, many years from liberal politicians who need to keep blacks as degraded and confused as possible in order to win elections.  And blacks keep believing people like Jesse Jackson and voting for Democrats.  The tragic situation of the black population in America will never get better as long as they continue to vote for liberal policies--policies which, as noted above, cannot succeed.  Barack Obama is not helping, of course,   The man who was supposed to heal all wounds and bring America together has become the most divisive President in American history.  Only the ignorant are surprised at that.  It was inevitable, given his policies and beliefs.  There ARE good people in the world, and they are not going to cave to error and wickedness.  That is what is causing the division in America.

But whose fault is that?  The people who believe in truth and righteousness, or those who introduce and demand error and iniquity?

It is way, way, way past time for the black community to stop blaming slavery, Jim Crow laws, white racism and anything they can think of for their own degraded, slop-filled lifestyle and condition.  It is time those people start accepting responsibility and the consequences of their own actions, to quit fornicating and having babies out of wedlock, to stay in school and study, and start becoming productive members of society.  We all have a dream of a united America, but Mr. King, if we judge your people right now by the "content of their character," it isn't a pretty picture.  People simply cannot mock God and His laws and expect to prosper for long.  What do they want anyway--besides more money from hard-working, God-fearing white people?  How many more trillions of dollars are going to have to be wasted before enough is enough?  When will liberalism learn that the problem is moral, not economic!  (Liberals will never learn that, of course.)  White people have actually been very, very patient and tolerant when it comes to black America, giving them time, money, special privileges ("affirmative action"), and even electing a black President.  But nothing satisfies racial pimps like Jesse Jackson.  Well, keeping racial division alive is the only thing that keeps Jackson and his ilk in the public eye.  He does what he does for his own personal grandeur and glory, he doesn't care how many people are hurt by it, and he is a disgusting human being because of it.

But this is Barack Obama's America, and if you voted for him and continue to support him, then you have nobody to blame but yourself.

I Keep Telling You That There Is No Hope...

...and I keep providing evidence to prove it.  It's not hard to find.

The following is a news story.  And from Texas, I'm sad to say....

A local school district is apologizing after an apparent incident of racism at a boys high school basketball game this past weekend.

When the final whistle blew Saturday, Alamo Heights celebrated a convincing victory over San Antonio Edison.

Alamo Heights Head Coach Andrew Brewer said he was proud of his team.
"Tremendously proud,” Brewer said. “Tremendously. It's the best group of kids."

But it was just after the trophy presentation when the coach was not proud of the chant coming from Alamo Heights fans.

"USA, USA, USA," they chanted.

San Antonio Independent School District officials took the chant as a racial insult to a school with all minority players from a school with mostly white ones.

On the KSAT 12 Defenders Facebook Page, Santos Villarreal's post reads “this has to stop.”

SAISD Spokeswoman Leslie Price heard about the incident after it had happened.

"This is very disrespectful to our students,” Price said.

She said the district is glad the coach put a stop to the chant immediately and hopes Alamo Heights addresses it quickly.

"It is surprising and it's disappointing to hear that anyone would be out there making those kind of remarks," Price said.

Edison students who attended Saturday's game were shocked when they heard the chant. Some thought the fans of the victors should have been better behaved.

Ruby Arredondo and Forest Lebaron are seniors at Edison and Julian Castellano is a junior.

"I was very surprised,” Castellano said. “Very appalled."

"They didn't really have any class," Arredondo said.

"It just rubbed us the wrong way," Lebaron said.

Alamo Heights Superintendent Dr. Kevin Brown also apologized for the chant.

"We just hope that people know that that's not who we are and we're not going to let it happen again," Brown said.

Alamo Heights has apologized to SAISD and the students identified will also have to apologize and have been banned from the state title games.

"We think that you have to earn a right to be there and that's not a reflection of our school district," Brown said.

Both districts are now just trying to move past this disturbing incident.

Another SAISD school, Lanier High, faced a similar incident within the last year from students in the Cedar Park school district."

Folks, can you believe this?  It's RACISM, surprising, disappointing, disturbing, disrespectful, appalling, shocking, classless, misbehaving, rubbed some people the wrong way, and worthy of an apology by the "leaders" of the school district (and perpetrators) to chant "USA USA USA", the country where students from BOTH schools live???  Why would ANY American be offended by that?  And more, WHY WOULD ANY AMERICAN APOLOGIZE FOR IT??

As hard as it is to fathom, the life forms that believe that chanting "USA" is racist do actually exist and walk around on two legs.  Not that they have any right to our respect.  But they DO have power.  And they control the White House.

I suggest the San Antonio school district had better change the name of both of those schools.  Thomas Edison was a white man, an American, whose inventions Hispanics use all the time, and the Alamo was the location of a great battle in the Texas War for Independence from Mexico, a war where the white man eventually kicked the Mexicans' butts.  It led to another war, between the United States and Mexico, from 1846-48.  The white man easily won that war, too.

But Mexico is winning the war now.  And without even firing a shot.  In fact, the victory is being handed to them on a silver platter by gutless white liberals.  And a few black ones.

The Limbaugh-Fluke Saga, and Some Other Current Events

The current storm over what Rush Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke, his subsequent apology, and several of his advertisers quitting him allow for a great teaching point. Let me say up front—and make absolutely no mistake about it—this matter has nothing to do with the specific words Limbaugh used to describe Fluke; I mean, what else would you call a woman who brazenly broadcasts her licentious lifestyle to the world, and wants to get paid for it? That’s not the issue, as much as the left and the media are trying to make it so. Even Rush himself fell into that trap because he doesn’t fully understand what is at stake here, either. Limbaugh’s acumen basically ends with politics.

This issue goes down to the very nature of man and his source and purpose on the earth. And, ultimately, here is where the left and right disagree, where the true division rests. Is man a creature from the mind of God, created in His image, with a purpose in this world of serving and glorifying the Almighty, or is man nothing more than matter in motion, an accident of nature, a “naked ape,” an animal, whose existence finally and completely ends when he breathes his last breath on earth? Christians, of course, believe the former; the secular left believes the latter. The slight obeisance some on the left make to “God” is purely for political purposes. In effect, the lifestyle they defend is atheistic, i.e., subjective, changing with the circumstances, and defined totally by themselves. And it is this philosophy which has led to the moral degeneration and decadence of so much of the United States. It is, ultimately, this philosophy that Limbaugh, the “Tea Party,” and “God-fearing, conservative hicks” are fighting against, though few of them truly understand it. The liberal education system surely isn’t going to teach them about it.

The consequences of secular ideology are this: in the words of Fyodor Dostoevsky, “If there is no God, everything is permitted” (Jean-Paul Satre said the exact same thing, as have other philosophers down through history). If there is no God, there is no heaven to be gained, no hell to be avoided, no Judgment Day when man will stand before his Creator and give an account of how he lived the life on earth which God graciously gave him. In other words, when this life is over, that’s it—eternal nothingness. Given that—and remember, that is the basic world-view of the secular left—then let us eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Live it up, get all the gusto you can in this life, because you only go around once, so you might as well enjoy whatever you want to enjoy, for as long as you want, and “responsibility” and “consequences” be damned. And if somebody else gets hurt, so what?  What does Adolf Hitler care, right now, what we think of him?  Now, of course, the left has a problem with that, because they have God-given consciences (how many animals do?). And so, to the left, there are some moral values, but again, those moral values are defined by themselves, are subjective, evolutionary, and determined only by current conditions and circumstances. Thus, if Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin think they can create a better world by killing countless millions of people, then logically, the left cannot truly condemn them. Stalin and Hitler were only doing the very thing that the American left is trying to do:  since there exists no heavenly “utopia”, an earthly one must be built, based upon the vision of these secular “intellectuals,” a vision which they are trying to force upon the rest of us through government action (it’s what the American “progressives” have been doing for over 100 years now, and exactly what Hitler and Stalin attempted). And any politician (or preacher or radio broadcaster or anybody else) who opposes them must be destroyed. At the moment, in America, that destruction can only take place by character assassination. But it’s only a matter of degree between America’s left and Soviet Communism. As Stalin said, “all the peasants are going to die someday anyway.” America’s capital of Christianity—and maybe the NRA—are about the only things that stand between America’s left and the Soviet Union’s. There is no ultimate, absolute line the left can draw, for their morality is no higher than the human brain as it has currently evolved. Why should I believe Barack Obama rather than Joseph Stalin, since both of them are nothing more than purposeless, accidental blobs of unspiritual matter in motion? And "all the peasants are going to die someday anyway"?

So, again, eat, drink, and be merry, for this life is all we are ever going to have. Why should Sandra Fluke feel any shame at all for announcing her pleasure-seeking lifestyle? And the left certainly feels no shame at defending her. Sex with no consequences and responsibility is one of the major religious doctrines of the American left, and—don’t forget this next statement, it explains much, from Bill Clinton to Sandra Fluke: the greatest “sin” to the American left is any attempt to prevent someone from living as hedonistic a lifestyle as he/she wants. That is why they hate God and Christianity so bitterly. And they are so perverted that, to quote Dostoevsky again, “it is not possible to eat me without insisting that I sing the praises of my devourer.” We not only have to let the left destroy America, we must exalt and praise them as “moral” and “progressive” while they are doing it.

One reason why Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers caved is there is little, very little moral courage left in the United States. Plato said, “The greatest victory a man can have is to conquer himself.” And John Adams, speaking of why democracy is such an incompetent form of government, wrote, “Individuals have conquered themselves. Nations and large bodies, never.” When you give power to people like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, et al, you can expect people like Sandra Fluke to appear. Democracy, by definition, cannot omit even the lowest common denominator among the people. But a system like that can only work when virtue and excellence are demanded of the whole populous. The people, so few of whom can indeed “conquer themselves,” must be guided and lifted by a vision of excellence, virtue, nobility, and moral beauty; it is the only hope of a “self-governing” nation. When subjective, atheistic morality takes over, when Hollywood and pop music set the ethical standards, and Bill Clinton becomes a respected “elder statesman” politician, the only possible result is moral and spiritual decadence. I.e., America, 2012. 

But the lessons of history still stare us in the face. As the prophet Jeremiah wrote, not long before the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians in the sixth century B. C., “Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore they shall fall among them that fall: at the time that I visit them they shall be cast down, saith the LORD” (Jer. 6:15). 

And, on a bit of a humorous note--but not irrelevant because the issue also illustrates the left's determination to create an earthly utopia, overseen by them, through government power--there is this recent headline from a French News Agency:  

"Global Warming Is Making the World Colder"

The latest on Sandra Puke, uh, Fluke.  It has recently been discovered that she is a liberal activist who has written a paper for a Georgetown Law School journal arguing that employers also ought to also cover medical expenses for people to have "sex changes."  A real virtuous woman we have here....the idea that she is just some poor, innocent random Georgetown co-ed is, to no intelligent person's surprise, liberal media mythology. 

It's also interesting that Bill Maher can call Sarah Palin a horrible name (the "c-word", they call it), and of course, the liberals all think it is hilarious.  But let Rush call a woman a "slut"...well, as Maher explained, Rush has sponsors but Maher, on HBO, doesn't.  As if that makes any difference.  Or any sense.  Limbaugh explained why he apologized to Fluke:  "It was simply for using inappropriate words in a way I never do, and in so doing, I became like the people we oppose. I ended up descending to their level. It's important not to be like them, ever, particularly in fighting them. The old saw, you never descend to the level of your opponent or they win. That was my error last week. But the apology was heartfelt."  Rush, they don't care what you called her, and they certainly don't care that you apologized.

A Waste of Time

I'm not sure how much longer I am going to waste my time publishing on this blog.  As an historian and student/teacher of the Bible, I've known for a long time that the United States is a classic--classic--case of a degenerate nation in decline.  The morally blind can't see it, but the morally blind--willfully--can't see anything.  You cannot mock God and survive forever.  This recent case of Sandra Puke--excuse me--Fluke is getting close to the last straw for me.  She goes before the United States Congress--people who are supposed to be the leaders of the country--announces, with not an ounce of shame, her vile immorality, and then has the unmitigated gall to ask the government to force somebody else to pay for it.  Rush Limbaugh, as any decent human being would, exposes her for the human sewage that she is, but then, to no one's surprise, the liberal media and Democratic Party go ballistic against Limbaugh in defense of the sewage.  And, not to be outdone or outshined in support of decadence and debauchery, the President of the United States telephones Fluke and, in her own words, "He encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of American women.  And what was really personal for me was that he said to tell my parents that they should be proud."  Yeah.  Really proud of their daughter for her desire for unlimited fornication and an utterly irresponsible lifestyle.  What a disgusting display of humanity, from the President on down. 

I do not have words in my vocabulary to express how utterly revolting, putrid, and nauseating I think that woman is. And the left is defending her as courageous.  She is their current champion.  But what do you expect from the party and philosophy that still exonerates and idolizes Bill Clinton?

I also have absolutely nothing but total, complete, undisguised contempt for anyone who would say one good word about Sandra Fluke. I can truly say that, as a Christian, I hope she will repent of her reprobate wickedness. God will forgive her if she does, and I'll publish it on this blog. But as long as she, and her liberal, immoral, ungodly, Democratic, debauched, pervert allies continue to propogate this kind of cesspool behavior--and demand that honorable, virtuous, God-fearing people pay for it--I'm going to oppose it with all of my being.  If I decide to waste the time doing it in print.

That such a thing can happen in America is a full indication of just how depraved a huge segment of society is.  It is quite obvious that there is no limit to which liberals and Democrats are willing to go, given the right circumstance (this, too, is inherent in their subjective moral philosophy and clear from history).  It's sad--but again, not surprising to anyone who knows history or the Bible--to see how human consciences can become so totally barren as to live and defend a lifestyle so dissipated, selfish, undisciplined, and decadent.  But their name is Legion, and probably Majority.  Which is why the re-election of Barack Obama is highly likely.  The United States may never have another decent President, not until a really serious crisis and catastrophe strikes the country.  In other words, until the longsuffering of God finally comes to an end.

I thank the Lord that I've had sense enough in my life to stay away from human trash like Sandra Fluke. I don't know any women like that, and I don't WANT to know any women like that. As I said, I hope she repents. But why should she when the whole Democratic Party and liberal philosophy tells her she has nothing to repent of, indeed, that SHE is the upstanding, moral one?

I'd like to know where the administration of Georgetown University--a Catholic school--is in all of this.  Sandra Fluke broadcasts to the world a lifestyle that is utterly opposed to everything Christianity stands for, and so far, I've seen nothing from Georgetown.  They ought to kick her out of college.  Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

The establishment Republicans, of course, are clueless.  As I've been saying all along, they are about to nominate a vapid, empty moderate, who has increasingly given indications that his Mormon "Christianity" means nothing to him, that he would say and do virtually anything to get the nomination.  What primaries he is winning are by character assassination and mud-slinging, not by the purity of his character or correctness on the issues.  He is better than Obama, but what is that saying?  1 is a higher number than 0.

Even sports can't avoid the corruption.  Another cheater, Ryan Braun, escaped the consequences of his actions recently when an arbitrator ruled in his favor because of some imagined legal technicality.  Braun, of course, showed no remorse.  As is increasingly the case with liberal justice, the rule of law is now form over substance.  Another black eye for baseball and American sports.  The lawyers win again.

And keep in mind, Sandra Fluke is a law student--the future of America.  How can anybody of any conscience and knowledge have any hope for the United States?

Oh, Maryland recently became the 8th state to pass a law recognizing queer "marriage."

And ultimately, all of this--the behavior of Ryan Braun and Sandra Fluke--comes from the same source:  a selfish rejection of the virtues and canon of the laws of God.  Ryan Braun is Sandra Fluke is Bill Clinton is the state of cannot attack Braun and defend Fluke and Clinton, because ultimately they all did what they wanted to do, their criterion for action was no higher than their own subjective, human standards.  That is the law of Hitler and Stalin, not the law of Jesus.

I'd like to try to find something positive to write about, but where is it?