A Waste of Time

I'm not sure how much longer I am going to waste my time publishing on this blog.  As an historian and student/teacher of the Bible, I've known for a long time that the United States is a classic--classic--case of a degenerate nation in decline.  The morally blind can't see it, but the morally blind--willfully--can't see anything.  You cannot mock God and survive forever.  This recent case of Sandra Puke--excuse me--Fluke is getting close to the last straw for me.  She goes before the United States Congress--people who are supposed to be the leaders of the country--announces, with not an ounce of shame, her vile immorality, and then has the unmitigated gall to ask the government to force somebody else to pay for it.  Rush Limbaugh, as any decent human being would, exposes her for the human sewage that she is, but then, to no one's surprise, the liberal media and Democratic Party go ballistic against Limbaugh in defense of the sewage.  And, not to be outdone or outshined in support of decadence and debauchery, the President of the United States telephones Fluke and, in her own words, "He encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of American women.  And what was really personal for me was that he said to tell my parents that they should be proud."  Yeah.  Really proud of their daughter for her desire for unlimited fornication and an utterly irresponsible lifestyle.  What a disgusting display of humanity, from the President on down. 

I do not have words in my vocabulary to express how utterly revolting, putrid, and nauseating I think that woman is. And the left is defending her as courageous.  She is their current champion.  But what do you expect from the party and philosophy that still exonerates and idolizes Bill Clinton?

I also have absolutely nothing but total, complete, undisguised contempt for anyone who would say one good word about Sandra Fluke. I can truly say that, as a Christian, I hope she will repent of her reprobate wickedness. God will forgive her if she does, and I'll publish it on this blog. But as long as she, and her liberal, immoral, ungodly, Democratic, debauched, pervert allies continue to propogate this kind of cesspool behavior--and demand that honorable, virtuous, God-fearing people pay for it--I'm going to oppose it with all of my being.  If I decide to waste the time doing it in print.

That such a thing can happen in America is a full indication of just how depraved a huge segment of society is.  It is quite obvious that there is no limit to which liberals and Democrats are willing to go, given the right circumstance (this, too, is inherent in their subjective moral philosophy and clear from history).  It's sad--but again, not surprising to anyone who knows history or the Bible--to see how human consciences can become so totally barren as to live and defend a lifestyle so dissipated, selfish, undisciplined, and decadent.  But their name is Legion, and probably Majority.  Which is why the re-election of Barack Obama is highly likely.  The United States may never have another decent President, not until a really serious crisis and catastrophe strikes the country.  In other words, until the longsuffering of God finally comes to an end.

I thank the Lord that I've had sense enough in my life to stay away from human trash like Sandra Fluke. I don't know any women like that, and I don't WANT to know any women like that. As I said, I hope she repents. But why should she when the whole Democratic Party and liberal philosophy tells her she has nothing to repent of, indeed, that SHE is the upstanding, moral one?

I'd like to know where the administration of Georgetown University--a Catholic school--is in all of this.  Sandra Fluke broadcasts to the world a lifestyle that is utterly opposed to everything Christianity stands for, and so far, I've seen nothing from Georgetown.  They ought to kick her out of college.  Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

The establishment Republicans, of course, are clueless.  As I've been saying all along, they are about to nominate a vapid, empty moderate, who has increasingly given indications that his Mormon "Christianity" means nothing to him, that he would say and do virtually anything to get the nomination.  What primaries he is winning are by character assassination and mud-slinging, not by the purity of his character or correctness on the issues.  He is better than Obama, but what is that saying?  1 is a higher number than 0.

Even sports can't avoid the corruption.  Another cheater, Ryan Braun, escaped the consequences of his actions recently when an arbitrator ruled in his favor because of some imagined legal technicality.  Braun, of course, showed no remorse.  As is increasingly the case with liberal justice, the rule of law is now form over substance.  Another black eye for baseball and American sports.  The lawyers win again.

And keep in mind, Sandra Fluke is a law student--the future of America.  How can anybody of any conscience and knowledge have any hope for the United States?

Oh, Maryland recently became the 8th state to pass a law recognizing queer "marriage."

And ultimately, all of this--the behavior of Ryan Braun and Sandra Fluke--comes from the same source:  a selfish rejection of the virtues and canon of the laws of God.  Ryan Braun is Sandra Fluke is Bill Clinton is the state of Maryland...you cannot attack Braun and defend Fluke and Clinton, because ultimately they all did what they wanted to do, their criterion for action was no higher than their own subjective, human standards.  That is the law of Hitler and Stalin, not the law of Jesus.

I'd like to try to find something positive to write about, but where is it?