Current Event Ramblings, December 3

A couple of quick matters before I go to work:

The House yesterday voted to extend the Bush "middle class tax rates" but not those for the "rich."  Hold it.  All we heard, for seven or eight years, is how Bush cut taxes "for the rich"; now, all of a sudden, the Bush "middle class tax rates" are extended.  Oh, but the media isn't biased in its reporting.  Never....

And this jewel from our "brilliant" White House:  not extending unemployment benefits will cost jobs.  Think about it.

There's nothing new over here on the North Korea/South Korea situation.  War talk has cooled, but let me remind us of history.  It was June 28, 1914, when Archduke Ferdinand of the Austria-Hungary Empire was assassinated by Serbian nationalists, but the first of August before World War I broke out.  Give the politicians and diplomats and few more weeks to screw thngs up before we issue a sigh of relief that war is not going to happen on the Korean peninsula.