Current Event Ramblings, December 15

It was 10 degrees in Seoul when I got up this morning (about 7:45), with a wind chill of -2.  We are in the mountains about an hour north of Seoul, so it's probably close to zero here, with a wind chill far below that.  The U.S. Midwest is wallowing in snow, and West Palm Beach, Florida had a record low the other night.  More evidence of global warming.

It is clear here, however, and there is no prediction of any precipitation in the near future, and it's supposed to warm up into the 40s by the end of the week.  I've always liked cold weather; it will be interesting to see if I'm still singing that tune after 4 months of this stuff, which is the minimum of how long it will last.  Or so I'm told.

I need to go so I can turn the heat on in the classrooms.  Nobody else does it....frankly, folks, this place is amateurish.  But I do like working with the adults, which is what I'm doing this week.