Did South Korea Blink?

Yesterday, the South Korean military cancelled some military exercises that were to be held on the island the North Koreans bombed last week.  No explanation was given for the canellation.  When I got up this morning and checked the news (it's about 8:20 AM right now), there was no mention of any significant happenings last night.  There is still no panic over here, people are going on with their daily lives as though there were no cloud hanging over the peninsula.  We have no indication of what might happen.

Again, why South Korea cancelled the planned military exercises is unknown to the public.  Perhaps it was an act of good-will, a desire to show the North that no aggressive intent is intended by the South and its allies.  How North Korea will interpret the act is anybody's guess.  Usually, the thug dictatorships see such actions as weakness and attempt to prey on them.  We'll see.  Right now things are calm and we're all hoping they stay that way.

On the weather front, we had about a half-inch of snowfall two nights ago, but there's no indication that winter has set in full force yet.  It's in the high-30s right now and should be close to 50 by the time the day is over.  Still, snow in November is not something I'm used to.  Kinda nice actually, since I like winter.  All the students arrived safely so the school is open for business.  I'm told that snow doesn't slow things down much over here.  I guess you get used to it.