Current Event Ramblings, November 19

Things are still a little dry on the news front and it will probably remain that way through the holiday season.  As expected, the G20 in Seoul accomplished nothing but adding to global warming with a lot of hot air.  Obama and the GOP are getting set to fight over taxes.  Obama can't wait to raise them some more under the lie of cutting them.  The Republicans want to keep the Bush tax rates, which would be a good thing, of course.  The problem is not that people are undertaxed, but that government spends too much money.  But that's the way politicians buy votes.  The Democrats found out earlier this month that spending other people's money and giving it to people who don't deserve it isn't always appreciated; they found that out, but I'm sure they didn't learn from it.  Stealing is simply a mantra cut in stone for the Democrats.

I want to publicly thank once more Rick and Julie Comer and the church of Christ in Wartburg, Tennessee, who are putting together another "care package" and sending it my way.  There are just some things I haven't been able to find in Korea, even at Costco, which is the main place I shop.  But it's a 30 buck cab fare from the school here.  There are no grocery or department stores nearby; there are a few 7-11 type places, but, like 7-11 back home, they are expensive and don't have a whole lot of what I want or need anyway.  So, I really appreciate Rick and the brethren in Wartburg volunteering and spending the money to send me a package.  Any mail is nice to get, especially something I can use and can't get here.

Speaking of the church, our Wednesday night Bible study is churning along.  We're going to settle in to having about 6, on average.  We're dealing mainly with Westerners here and, as in the states, any excuse can be shoved in front of Bible study.  But there's a core that's attending and we're having some good studies.  I'll teach as and when I can and let the Lord provide whatever increase there might be.

I haven't done much writing on my Bible blogs in recent days simply because I haven't felt like it.  Work and depression take too much out of me, but hopefully, that will change soon.  Work won't, in fact, in a few weeks we're going to have a realy busy session.  Twice a year, here at the Village, they have this thing called "VIP," which doesn't stand for Very Important Person.  I don't know what it stands for except more work for the teachers.  We had a VIP just after I arrived in the summer.  It lasts 4-5 weeks.  Some of the work here is a farce, frankly.  I'm under commission at the moment to write an English lesson for elementary kids based on some scientific matter.  I let it be known that I thought that an historian with nearly a PhD in that subject and who has spent his entire academic career working with college students and adults is not terribly qualified to write a English/science lesson for elementary kids, indeed, that it's absurd.  There are tons of ESL lessons available for use for that age group, but English Village insists on unqualified "teachers" writing lessons about topics they have no business writing about.  It's not a good thing and the kids suffer because of it, which is a shame.  On the writing front, I feel bad about not writing as much, but I feel bad most of the time, period.  I'll work on things as I can.