Current Event Ramblings, November 13

The New York Times had a headline a day or so ago, "Obama's Economic Views Rejected on World Stage," meaning at the G20 Summit, of course. Well, they were rejected in America last week, too. But get this. Some people are just so desperate to defend the man...the New York Daily News had this report: "Body Language Expert Says Barack Obama Runs the Show in Meeting with Chinese Premier Hu Jintao" A "body language expert"?? Yeah, this guy says Obama wiped the floor with Hu because the Prez looked cool and relaxed and the Chinaman was "defensive." Well, the Chinaman told the Prez to go fly a kite, but that doesn't matter. Obama still "won" his meeting (confrontation) with Hu. Body language expert....that shows just how low Obama has sunk when that's the best his supporters can do to defend him. The man is a complete and utter failure as President of the United States, which doesn't surprise anyone with a modicum of intelligence. Obama was never qualified for the position anyway and every one of his political beliefs has been proven unsuccessful throughout history wherever applied. History, folks...but, as Hegel said, "history teaches us that men learn nothing from history."

Rush is reporting that there is an undercurrent in the Democratic Party that Obama is going to destroy the party, completely disintegrate it. That's not going to happen. The same thing was being said about the Republicans after the 1932 election (FDR's win over Hoover during the Great Depression). The problem is, the Republicans won't succeed, either, because the underlying belief of most politicians in both parties is that government can solve most of the country's ills. It can't, and until that lesson is learned, the two parties will continue to play ping-pong with political authority in America. The people keep giving power to one party or another because both fail when in the leadership, and the sheep--the flock that's being fleeced (the people)--just don't have the knowledge or intelligence to recognize that they are betting on a loser--government. There are only certain things government is good at; get it out of its field, and it will miscarry like any other entitiy trying to accomplish what it cannot competently do. Another lesson of history that men never learn. Our Founding Fathers knew it, but we left them in the dustbin a long time ago.

To illustrate the above, Bobby Jindal, the current governor of Louisiana, and considered a political conservative, has just published a book basically lambasting Obama for his incompetence in handling the BP oil spill. Again, Jindal's premise is that the federal government should have been able to deal with this crisis in an effective manner. No, Governor Jindal, it is simply not in the provence of government to solve private industry problems; it will only muck things up, as proven not only the the BP oil spill, but the Hurricane Katrina disaster, when a Republican president was in power. The feds' failures in those two cases were not the fault of Bush and Obama; their fault was in continuing to let people believe the myth that government is the solution to these sorts of problems.

One strike against Bobby Jindal, who is probably positioning himself for a run at the presidency in 2012.

And in the "why teachers don't like administration" category, we have this item. Last week, I went to the hospital/pharmacy to get my depression prescription refilled. The pharmacy didn't have enough of the medicine, so the lady said she would order it and send it to me here at English Village. I received an email from someone in admin yesterday saying that the medication which I had left at the pharmacy by mistake had arrived and I could pick it up at his desk. "By mistake." It was automatically assumed that the fault was mine. I guess school administration--like government--is the same everywhere in the world.