Current Event Ramblings, November 1

The Texas Rangers are fixing to get wiped off the World Series map.  As I write this, they trail game 4 of the Series 4-0 in the 9th inning.  That would put them in a 3 games to 1 deficit.  It's not impossible they could still win, of course, but highly unlikely.  Disappointing if they do lose, but it was a much better season than they expected to have.  Maybe next year the Rangers and the Astros will both be in the World Series.  Yes, and maybe Barack Obama will cut taxes and admit he was wrong about the health care bill....

The elections are to be held tomorrow, and everyone is still predicting a big GOP swamp.  The reason is simple:  Obama and the Democrats have failed to turn the country around.  The GDP in the 3rd quarter came in at a meager 2%, which is the second straight quarter that has happened.  That is not economic growth, especially when inflation ran at 2.2%.  With the unemployment rate still hovering near 10%, the "summer of recovery" did not happen.  The massive stimulus plan did not pull the country out of the recession, which is no surprise to anyone who knows the first thing about economics.  Obama and the Democrat's big mistake is thinking that the government can run the economy.  It cannot do so, and if they would only take the merest glance at history, they would know that.  All the Marxist countries (that have survived, save Cuba) have turned to more free market economies, and are largely thriving.  And here's Obama and the Democrats heading in the opposite direction.  Stupidity, thy name is Democratic Party.  Business runs the economy, not government, and the tax, spend, and regulatory policies the Democrats have pursued have had eminently predictable results. 

Liberalism does not work.  It has never worked and it never will.  But it's the only religion those people have, so they cannot give it up without giving up the very purpose for their existence.