Current Event Ramblings, October 30

The weather here in Korea has turned downright cold this week with temperatures dropping below freezing (global warming is the cause, I'm sure).  It's warming up a bit now, and there's been no precipitation at all, so that's helped.  I ended up with a pretty scratchy throat yesterday and OD'd on some medication last night, so I'm pretty groggy this morning.  I'll go eat my fill of kimchi at lunch and try to sleep it off.

North Korean and South Korean troops took potshots at each other yesterday across the DMZ.  Apparently the Yankees are upset that the G20 economic summit is going to be held in Seoul in a few weeks, and the Confederates won't do military talks at the moment.  I'm sure you've heard that North Korea has a new leader, or will once the current one, Kim Jong-il, dies.  This new leader is Kim's youngest son, Kim Jong Un.  Elected freely, of course, by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Speaking of elections, what I'm reading is that the Republicans will pick up 8 seats in the Senate.  That would still leave them as the minority party in that chamber.  There is great fear in the liberal press, however, that the GOP might win the House. is reporting that a lot of Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, will retire if the Democrats lose the House.  I'll believe that when I see it.  Another poll now indicates that George W. Bush is considered a better President than Barack Obama.  More and more people are waking up to just how radical, unqualified, and incompetent Obama is.  Too bad they let the media pull the wool over their eyes in 2008.

And speaking of losers, the Texas Rangers have lost the first two games of the World Series.  That makes Texas teams 0-6 in the World Series.  Well, it's not over yet.  The Series goes to Texas now, so hopefully the Rangers can do better there.