Current Event Ramblings, October 21

There hasn't been just a whole lot going on recently that I've wanted to comment on, so I've been a little shy on this particular blog.  I do want to get back to the "Wisdom From the Founders" series soon with an examination of the first few sentences of the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.  Actually, I've been trying to finish up Cowboy Story 5 (River Bend) and do some Bible blogging, so that's taking up most of my writing time.  But I'll do what I can when I can get around to it.

I do want to comment on baseball for a moment, though.  My prediction was the Yankees and Phillies in the World Series, and at the moment, they are both trailing in their League Championship Series.  The Giants are ahead of the Phillies, 2 games to 1, and the Yankees trail the Rangers by the same amount, but as I write this, the Rangers lead game 4, 7-3, in the 8th inning.  I would be very satisfied to be in error regarding my prediction about the Yankees in the World Series.  I like the Rangers anyway because they are from Texas, but my favorite team is whoever is playing the Yankees on any given day.  Unless it's the Red Sox, and then I hope they both lose.  The Rangers aren't in the World Series yet, but they are putting themselves in a good position...AND they have been playing very good baseball lately.  They've easily outplayed the Yankees in this series, and should have won game 1.  The Rangers' bullpen scares me, though, so it's not over yet.  I'll keep readers informed.