Current Event Ramblings, November 12

Kinda slow right now, everywhere, at least regarding things I want to comment on.  The weather in Korea is getting colder, but then, it's that time of the year so that's not really news.  The G20 Summit is in Seoul this week and, surprisingly, the North Koreans--at least that I've heard--aren't threatening to launch at attack on the moon, whatever other idiocy that fat little dictator up there can think of.  The G20 will accomplish nothing but the wasting of taxpayers' money.  But politicians will never learn that it is consumers who control economies, not governments, 90% of what the latter does is interference and harmful.  Regarding North Korea, nobody knows yet, of course, what his son/successor will do, but it's doubtful Kim Jong-Il would have appointed him if he thought the kid was going to be mush.  We'll see.  If anolybody cares.

The Dallas Cowboys fired their coach, Wade Phillips, after an utterly disastrous first half of the season.  It was quite obvious, even from Korea, that the Cowboys have given up on the year.  I wish they'd hire Bill Cowher as head coach; he's a great football coach, but I don't think it's going to happen because he's pretty bull-headed, Jerry Jones knows it, and Jones wants to run the team his way.  The Cowboy are in disarray at the moment, and it will interesting to see if and when they can put the pieces back together again.  I guess it will be interesting.  We'll see...if anybody cares.

Not surprisingly, Barack Obama was AWOL from his country on Veteran's Day.  George W. Bush spoke to a veteran's group in Ohio.  It would be nice if Obama would just stay gone for the next two years.

And I've just got to share this.  Some weeks here at English Village we don't have adult students, so I work with middle school students.  At the end of the week (Friday), they write a "post card" to their favorite teacher.  Here's one I received today:

"Dear Mark.  Hello, Mark.  My name is Sun Hu.  I had a good time in EV because of your humor.  You look like 75-year-od grandpa.  Get your face better.  Bye. 

From Sun Hu"

I'm going to go kill that kid....