Current Events Ramblings, June 29

Enough about Korea for the moment, let's check in on what's going on in America.  Not a whole lot good, that I can tell.

Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia died yesterday, at the age of 92, after plaguing the American people in the Senate for over 50 years.  Not to speak ill of the dead, but the country is better off without him.  Byrd was known as the "king of pork."  He brought massive amounts of tax payers dollars--tax payers from other states, mind you--to his home state, thus being the consummate "democrat", i.e., buying votes to get re-elected.  Of course, all "democrat" (not the party) politicians do, Byrd was simply a master at it.  He was the epitome of what is wrong with this country--spending other people's money for self-aggrandizement, and that is why the United States is 13 trillion dollars in debt.  When are people going to learn to take care of themselves?  Well, why should they, as long as politicians are willing to do it (and they certainly are, in order to stay in power).  Good riddance, Senator Byrd.  How about taking a few dozen more with you?

Yesterday Vice President Biden called a man a "smart a--" for requesting lower taxes, i.e., doing something intelligent and worthwhile.  There's the mindset of the Obama administration and the Democratic party in general.  They cuss out anybody who wants to keep the money he's earned. 

Ha.  Ten Russians spies were arrested yesterday by the FBI.  The KGB (now the SVR) is still at it.  Not surprising, since Vladimir Putin is an ex-KGB agent.  Back to the good ol' days.  Come on, Russkies, let's have some fun, send a few more to America, though I'm sure the Obama administration will glady tell you anything you want to know.

The School Board in Provincetown, Massachusetts decided that they would limit giving out free condoms to those in the fifth grade and up.  Apparently, before that they were giving them to fourth graders and down.  Yes, I surely needed a condom when I was in the first grade...

Maybe I'll stay in South Korea for awhile and eat tofu kimchi and gamja tang (pig bone soup boiled with potatoes and other vegetables)...