Current Event Ramblings, June 3

     That mess over Israel and Hamas and that ship approaching Gaza is still hot stuff today.  I have some views on the subject that no conservatives seem to agree with, but that's neither here nor there.  If you're interested in a Biblical perspective, go to "Mark's Bible Blog" and read the article on Israel that I posted today.

      Should there be instant replay in baseball, covering more than just home runs?  I really have no strong views about it; I can see it both ways.  An unlucky pitcher last night lost a perfect game with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning when an umpire blew a call--and later admitted he did.  That's a tough one, because that poor pitcher will probably never come close to pitching a perfect game again; not that he's a bad pitcher, but a perfect game has only been done 20 times in all of baseball history (though, curiously, it's been done twice so far this season).  I don't know about instant replay, but I do know that that pitcher, Armando Galarraga, has an awful lot of class.  Today, before his team's game, he took the lineup card out to home plate, shook hands with the offending umpire, and patted him on the shoulder.  Now, that's class, and you gotta respect and admire a man that will do that.  If only sports had more people like him, instead of the whiners, punks, druggies, and babies that populate most of today's professional sports.

     I'm in Oklahoma at the moment, and my good buddy, George, and I were talking politics today.  "Oklahoma has done everything it can to stop this mess," he said to me.  "We've got 2 Republican Senators, nothing but Republicans in the House, and every single county went Republican in the 2008 presidential election.  What else can we do?"
     When more Americans finally wake up and realize what this country was founded to be--a confederation of sovereign states that gave very limited power to the entity it created--the federal government--then we might have a chance to restore the United States to greatness.  Without Abraham Lincoln, Oklahoma might very possibly be the best state in the country to live in.  But Lincoln destroyed what the founders created and he put in place an all-powerful federal government that can no longer be controlled by the states.  I'll hammer that point till I die.  I've made a few converts along the way.
     George, methinks you are not far from the kingdom of God....