Current Event Ramblings, June 9

As noted on my last "Ramblings," I didn't think I'd get much posting done for the next few days, but things worked out to where I got a lot of blogs written today.  Check "Mark's Bible Blog" for all the different posts.  Should keep you busy reading for awhile.  Haven't had a chance to change the "Quote of the Day" for a few days, but I think I'll leave that one up there for awhile.  It's a classic.

My good buddy, Gary, sent me an email a little while ago which I forwarded on to a lot of you.  It was incredible.  It contained five pictures, each of the last five Presidents at a press conference--Obama, Bush, jr., Clinton, Bush, sr., and Reagan.  In each picture of the previous four presidents, the American flag can be seen in the background.  In Obama's picture--no American flag.  It is utterly impossible to believe that was by accident, though if anyone calls their hand on it, I'm sure that's what they'd say.  Even I was shocked--for a moment.  It didn't take me long to remember, however, that Barack Obama hates this country and everything it has stood for.  He wants to "change" it, and that probably means the flag, too.

Benjamin Bernanke, chairman of the Fed, says that the economic "recovery" is widening.  The Dow shot up initially today, but then investors realized who was speaking and so selling began and the Dow closed down about 40 points and remains under 10,000.  Don't believe anything Bernanke says, folks.  The Federal Reserve is one of the major causes of the current economic crisis, and as long as Bernanke keeps up his inflationary policy, the American economy will struggle.  You simply cannot print and spend your way to ultimate prosperity.  It's like giving someone a credit card, and when they've maxed that out buying stuff, give them another one.  And another one. And another one. Oh, yes, they'll end up with a lot of items, but someday those creditors are going to want their money back.  And that's what America will some day face.  What will we do?  I don't know.  Declare bankruptcy?  Nobody will loan us money any more.  And that might not be a bad thing.  Living within our means is a novel concept to politicians.  And to the people whose votes they buy. Both of them, for the survival of the country, are going to have to do it.  But that will also mean abolishing the Fed, whose chairmans apparently know no policy except artificially low interest rates and printing greenbacks--both of which are horribly destructive to an economy.

Incidentally, I agree with Helen Thomas.  If the Jews would get out of Palestine, land that they've been stealing for the last 60 years, and go back to where they came from--Poland, Germany (Hitler's dead, folks), Russia (so is Stalin), the USA, Mexico--wait a minute, Mexico probably wouldn't let them in...shucks, they could come to America illegally and get free everything....anyway, if the Jews would get out of Palestine, that would solve about 90% of the Middle East's problem.  At least, as far as the US is concerned.  There will always be problems over there; as long as there are 2 Arabs in the world, they are going to fight.  They've been doing it for thousands of years, and they'll keep doing it until the Lord comes back.  That's why I'm not terribly concerned about Islam, though we certainly need to keep an eye on them and our nukes primed.  Islam is almost as divided as Christianity and they fight about it--each other.  But there would be no reason for us to stick our noses in it.

Especially, if we'd send Obama and all the environmental wackos to...Palestine? that we could drill for oil here.  As soon as we become energy independent, we won't need to bother with the Middle East any more.  Let bin Laden and Ahmadinejad fight it out amongs themselves.  And may the worse man win.