Current Event Ramblings, June 18

Not a lot to ramble about lately, or at least nothing that's interested me much.  A bit on the BP oil spill.

I just want to remind my readers that Obama LOVES this thing, and the longer it goes on, the better he perceives it.  He's hoping to blacken big oil so bad as to get Congress to pass his cap-and-trade legislation.  He knows he needs to get that done before November, because the Democrats are going to take a beating then and he won't get much of substance passed after that.  I don't expect the Republicans to win either house of Congress, but they'll make major gains.  Unlike some "conservatives," I tend to think this is an anti-incumbent, "throw all the bums" out mood in the country, not just anti-Democratic party.  But they'll suffer the most, obviously, because they control the White House and both houses of Congress.  Look for a major push on cap-and-trade before the summer is out.  The Dems will have to do it by September, because Congress will go into campaign mode after that.

The fact that Obama is taking a hit in the polls over the BP oil spill is no big deal to him.  He knows how short the public's memory is, especially when the major media, in order to defend him, will drop the whole thing after the leak is sealed and the spilled cleaned up (how much have you heard from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc. about the health care bill lately?).  This isn't Bush and Katrina; the media wasn't about to let us forget that, but they won't do that to Obama.

Does anybody in America know what the World Cup is?  Does anybody care?  Quick--name me one person on the U.S. team.  Or is it just me that believes that that sport is just a brawl in the stands where a soccer game breaks out?