No Deal in Copenhagen. What A Bummer

We've been told for months that the upcoming "climate change" conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, was supposed to save the world, giving us some kind of new global warming treaty that will bring human-caused carbon emissions under control so that government can plan the weather 100 years from now. The treaty ain't gonna happen in Copenhagen, folks. "President Barack Obama and other world leaders (sic sic sic sic sic...leaders??) agreed today that next month's much-anticipated climate change summit will be merely a way station, not the once hoped-for end point, in the search for a worldwide global warming treaty" (Denver Post online, 11/16).


Do you want me to translate that for you? What it means is the ChiComs told Obama to quit spending money like a drunken sailor in a cat house and that he'd better get the U.S. deficit under control before he starts moralizing to them on how to run their industry. The Chinese own a substantial portion of our $11 trillion debt, and they've got us over a barrel. All they have to do is dump those bonds on the world market, getting what they can for them, and thus destroying the U.S. dollar and economy. It wouldn't help China, either, but it would hurt us whole lot more.

China can blackmail us just about any way they want to. And they don't want a "climate change" treaty that is going to stifle their growing, increasingly capitalistic economy. So, bottom line: "Mr. Obama, shut up about a 'global warming' treaty." The Chinese are smart enough to realize that man-made global warming is a green-spawned hoax anyway. The environmental movement is where all the reds went when the Soviet Union collapsed. It's amazing that the Chinese are moving away from socialism every bit as rapidly as Obama and the Democrats are trying to lead America into it.