Let's Just Hope They Are Ignorant

Or maybe not. You'd hate to believe these people actually mean what they say. But if they are this stupid, what are they doing in power?

My point: Recently, Anita Dunn, President Obama's communications director, in a commencement address for St. Andrews Episcopal High School at Washington National Cathedral, said Mao Tsetung was one of her heroes.

Does this woman really not know that Mao Tsetung is the greatest mass murderer in history? Estimates are that, from 1949 to his death in 1976, Mao was responsible for approximately 60 million deaths. This is about 10 million more than the Soviet thug, Joseph Stalin, and 40 million more than Adolf Hitler. I'm not excusing Hitler by any means, but, as one historian wrote, when it came to killing people, he was an "inept bungler" when compared with Stalin and Mao.

And Mao Tsetung is a hero to Obama's communiations director.

You just wonder what kind of insanity struck the American people when they put Barack Obama and his horde of miscreants into power. Ignorance is no excuse!