CEBs, or Current Events Briefs

Newt Gingrich on Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize: “As an American I am not so shocked that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishments to his name, but that America gave him the White House based on the same credentials."

* * * * *

The Post Turtle: While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old rancher, whose hand was caught in the gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually, the topic got around to Obama and his being our president.

The old rancher said, "Well, ya know, Obama is a Post Turtle". Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a 'post turtle' was.

The old rancher said, “When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a 'post turtle'.”

The old rancher saw the puzzled look on the doctor's face so he continued to explain. “You know he didn't get up there by himself, he doesn't belong up there, and he doesn't know what to do while he's up there, and you just wonder what kind of idiot put him up there to begin with.”

* * * * *

This is incredible. Well, not really, to anybody that truly understands liberalism and today's Democratic Party. But even the DNN (Democratic News Network, also known as CNN), was utterly astounded at this one. Watch the following video. It’s only 2 minutes long.