I Don't Understand This One, Either...Well, Yes, I Do

The Pelosi health care bill came to almost 2,000 pages. Weren't we told that "health care" legislation was designed to provide medical insurance for the 40 some-odd million Americans who don't have any and can't afford it?

Why do we need a 2,000 page bill to do that? I think I could write it one sentence:

"Resolved: those Americans who have an income less than X may apply
at their local welfare office for assistance in purchasing health insurance.

Comrade Barack Obama"

Wouldn't that cover the problem of "millions" who can't afford coverage and leave the 80% of Americans alone who are happy with their insurance and the treatment they get?

I think I can answer this question. It's not about "health coverage for the poor," folks. It's about the federal government taking over one-sixth of the American economy, and leftist, secular intellectuals becoming involved more and more in your life. Mainly because you're too stupid to take care of yourself in the first place. You see, these intellectuals are "smarter" than you are, and thus they know better than you what's good for you.

I'm not making that up. It comes right out of the utopian visionaries of the 19th century. When I have time on this blog, I will go into the background history of why the left is what it is and why they insist on intruding into your life as much as possible through government action. It's a philosophy with historical roots, not an opinion of half-wit professor.