Whence This Love of Government?

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First off let me say that I do not “hate” government. I fear it, and anyone who knows a farthing about history ought to have the same emotion, or at least a very healthy foreboding. Government has been, by far, the greatest killer of humanity in human history. And if we Americans think it cannot happen here, then we have forgotten our own history. Anyone who has not been thoroughly propagandized by Northern demagoguery knows that our government is not above turning its guns on its own people—and killing over 600,000 of them all for the sake of artificial lines drawn on a map. Well, that, and money.

Further I shall say that I believe that government has a legitimate purpose—the protection of property—and I do not mind paying taxes for that purpose. There are simply some evil, nefarious people in this world that will do much harm to others without the restraining threat and force of government. For there to be order in society, there must be restraint. If people will not do this themselves, then some outside force—government—must do it for them.

The problem, as our Founding Fathers so well knew, is—who restrains government? They control the military and it would take volumes to recount all the times in history government has used military force upon their own people. Including, again, in our own country.

But I wander here a bit. I fear government, but I admit its legitimate purpose. My wonder is why so many people seem to love government and think that it holds the answers to all of our problems. We have been trained in this country to look to government as the great crisis solver. Got a poverty problem? Government has the answer. Education malfunction? Why doesn’t government spend more money? A hurricane comes and wipes out New Orleans? Why didn’t George Bush stop that hurricane? Health care problem? Government should provide….Frankly, it’s not terribly surprising that we have been programmed this way since our education system is run by the government.

I do, however, understand that there are people with a vested interest in government and seeing it expand. Let me list a few of these “lovers” of government.

1. Politicians. This is obvious, of course. Government means power and control and often wealth. I’m sure there are many, many people who get into government service out of a legitimate desire to help their fellow man. But I do wish they would remember that it’s my money they are spending and that, more often than not, if they would just mind their own business, I could solve my own headaches. But there are many who get into public office because they want the power. Folks, power is a very, very intoxicating thing and our Founders warned that we should never trust any man with very much of it. When Barack Obama said, in the health care debate, “I will let you keep your doctor,” I shuddered. What right does that man have to tell me what doctor I can go to? That kind of arrogant abuse of power is why I fear government. When Mr. Obama told Joe the Plumber last year that there will be tax hikes on people making over $250,000, it would be to “share the wealth.” It is not Obama’s wealth to share, and the only way he can “share” it with anyone is by forcibly taking it from one person who has it and giving it to another who doesn't. And the only way Obama can do that is through government. That’s why he loves government and is trying to use it to remake this country.

2. Lawyers love government. Mainly because they write most of the laws—to their own benefit, I might add. It is the main reason why the most needed health care reform—tort reform—will never happen.

3. Those who would prefer not to work love government. And as long as government will provide for them, why should they bother to work? Folks, I don’t care if we are in a recession or not; there is plenty of work to be done out there. Take a look at your own house and tell me there isn’t work available. The problem is, you aren’t going to pay someone as much to do that work as government is going to pay them not to do it. As long as government subsidizes sponging off others, it will continue to happen.

4. Certain corporations love government. Mainly those who cannot compete equally in the open market, so they run crying to government to slap an anti-trust suit on their competitor to bring him down to their level. And as long as they are willing to support a politician’s next campaign, the anti-trust suit will go forward. Folks, don’t think big business hates government; not on your life. “Corporate welfare” is every bit as insidious, corrupt, wasteful, and fiscally destructive as individual welfare. Here’s how it works—the corporations provide the campaign money, and the poor provide the votes. It works as often as it doesn’t.

There are other entities in society that love government, but that’s sufficient, and you can think of some more on your own. Again, I am willing to pay for legitimate government services. But I work hard for my money, and it’s mine, and nobody else has a “right” to it. And I am greatly offended and angered when politicians take it from me and use it for purposes that are far from justifiable, just so they can posture and preen like a peacock, attempting to make us think they are doing something wonderful for us. Wise people can see through that. Unfortunately, the number of wise people in this country is diminishing in direct proportion to the growth of government. And when that happens, the loss of freedom cannot be far behind.