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The following quote is from an article entitled "Chickens Roosting" by Victor Davis Hanson, in the September 25, 2009, online edition of National Review, regarding the way the world views Barack Obama:

"Some look at our president and see a messiah; these two [Russia and China] see a rookie in charge of a now-bankrupt country with $2-trillion-a-year deficits that is unsure what to do in two wars and in dire need of both imported oil and trillions in cash."

Most of the world's tinpot dictators and bureaucrats are from half-developed, directionless, Third World countries who leech off, then curse, the West because they have neither the intellect or desire to lift their own people our of the dregs of an insipid, perennial poverty that they (the leaders) largely created and perpetuate. These martinets dominate the vapid United Nations, but are rank amateurs in foreign affairs, and they understand nothing of how the world actually works. They think there is really a utopia to be had out there and all we need is the right kind of messiah to lead us to it. And to give further evidence of their extraordinary incompetence and buffoonery, they appear to believe that Barack Obama is that messiah.

And from all indications, Obama believes it, too.

The Russians and the Chinese have been around a long time. They know better.

This is actually frightening, folks. Barack Obama, before he became President of the most powerful country on earth, had never accomplished anything in his life, except spending less than 150 days attending sessions of the United States Senate, where, incidentally, he contributed nothing. His personal resume' provides no evidence whatsoever that he has the qualifications, experience, or intelligence to deal with the serious domestic problems this country faces, and certainly nothing in his life giving a farthing of testimony that he possesses the statesmanship and cunning to stay on the same field with the many masters of diplomacy and international intrigue who today threaten the free world. If ever an example of collective national madness and stupidity is needed, look no further than when this country elected Barack Obama to the chief executive office.