Telling the Truth in Congress is a No-No

Last night, during Mr. Banana's health care speech to Congress and the American people, he said that his plan would not insure illegal aliens. A Republican Congressman from South Carolina, Joe Wilson, shouted out, "You lie!", for which he was roundly castigated and forced to repent in sackcloth and ashes.

Telling the truth in Congress in not allowed, Mr. Wilson, don't you know that?

But perhaps, to an extent, Mr. Obama was telling the truth--his bill does not insure illegal aliens. It doesn't have to because federal law already requires that anyone, legal or illegal, showing up at a hospital needing medical care cannot be denied. So why bother putting something in his plan that federal law already covers?

Besides, Mr. Obummer plans to give all the illegals American citizenship, so they will be inoculated in that way. So Obama wasn't lying, he was only being disingenuous.

I suppose that's ok. In Congress.