The Sad State of Massachusetts

It gave us Samuel Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, the Minutemen, Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill. It led the way to independence for the 13 American colonies. It produced some of the greatest literary minds in history--Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Cullen Bryant, Emily Dickinsion, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Oliver Wendell Holmes. It was a leader in the fight against slavery—Massachusetts threatened to secede from the Union over the annexation of Texas because it didn’t want another slave state in the country.

And in the 20th and 21st centuries, it has given us Barney Frank and Edward Kennedy.

The country’s leader in the movement to independence is now the country’s leader in the movement towards a moral degeneration that will surely lead to greater government control and ultimate tyranny.

Since his death, the media has virtually canonized Teddy Kennedy. President Obama called him the greatest Senator of our time. This is a man who was expelled from Harvard twice for cheating, got caught several times for reckless, drunken behavior, and has the very suspicious circumstance of Chappaquiddick on his resume’. I won’t bother relating the litany of this man’s moral decadence in this short post; the reader can find that for him/herself. As a politician, he was a liberal icon. Former Boston Globe columnist Don Feder wrote, “The man who thought work was lifting a glass of Chivas, never met a tax he didn’t want to raise, someone else’s money he didn’t want to spend, a new bureaucracy he didn’t want to create, a gun he didn’t want to confiscate, an illegal immigrant he didn’t want to embrace, or an unborn child whose existence he didn’t want to imperil – the last in the name of a woman’s right-to-choose.”

One thing Edward Kennedy did NOT believe in was freedom—the freedom of a person to protect himself against the thugs and criminals that Kennedy’s liberal philosophy turned loose upon society. The freedom of an unborn child to see the light of day because a woman is too selfish to accept the consequences of her actions. The freedom of hard-working people to keep the money they earned instead of being forced to give it to lazy, shiftless couch potatoes who’d rather parasite off society than contribute to its well being. The freedom of an employer and an employee to make a mutually agreeable contract, thus relegating millions of young people—including countless minorities whom Kennedy proclaimed he was so concerned about—to wander the streets without work. The freedom of Americans to be protected again an army of illegal, invasive ants who steal jobs and soak up tax dollars by the billions.

The only freedom Edward Kennedy believed in was his freedom to chase whatever wore a skirt.

And yet this paragon of moral debauchery and liberal oppression is glamorized and glorified by a fawning press and a hapless, vapid president.

One can say nice things about the dead without lying about them.

Massachusetts, with great men, led the country to independence. Massachusetts, with immoral scum, is leading this country to destruction.