Cave Man Obama

(Watch the video of this post. Left side column. It's a good one...)

He’s done it again. Gone and made a major world speech where he attacks, belittles, and condemns his own country. Barack Obama has made an art form out of apologizing for the United States and caving in to the world’s thugs. He denounces American power and hands it over to the people who hate us the most.

No wonder the U.N. loves this guy so much.

He cannot get enough of engaging dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez. Fidel Castro (publicly) worships him. Muammar Khadafy (or however he spells his name) wants him to be President for life. This is good for the United States?

Last week, Obama gutted our strategic defenses in Europe to placate an ex-KGB agent; this missile defense debacle was rightly perceived as a betrayal by the Poles and Czechs. He has agreed to enter into talks with Iran, the incredible premise of which is to eliminate American nuclear weapons. All the while Iran continues to develop theirs. Is Barack Obama really naïve enough to think Iran will give up their nuclear weapons project if we dismantle all of ours? And I’m sure the Russians and Chinese would be more than happy to get rid of their nuclear weapons as well (pardon my sarcasm). This is straight out of the Jimmy Carter School of Diplomatic Disasters.

Just to list Obama’s foreign policy actions:
--he has appeased Iran;
--he has bullied Israel;
--he has surrendered to Moscow;
--he sided with Marxists against the legitimate government in Honduras;
--he has called for, in effect, a unilateral nuclear disarmament by the United States, a utopian vision of a nuclear free world that is no doubt being laughed at where it isn’t being drooled upon;
--he has crawled in bed with the global warming horde who want to destroy industrialism and the free enterprise system that has brought untold material benefits to the United States and every other country of the world, or at least those with enough sense to adopt capitalism as their economic system;
--and everywhere he goes he belittles and condemns his own country, to the delight of that huge, anti-human rights community in the world who despise us, have always despised us, and always will despise us. This is an absolute insult to all the Americans of previous generation who fought and died to make the world a better place to live, and to give rotten curs like Barack Obama the freedom to become President of the greatest country on earth. And he stabs all of those great Americans in the back every time he apologizes for what the United States has done around the world. He has caved in to our worst enemies.

This nation is far from perfect and has made plenty of mistakes, but we don’t need our President going around telling that to the world! Let them figure it out for themselves. They haven't been slow to do so without our President's help.

But then watch who they come running to for help whenever they get their tails in a crack.

One of the great lessons of history, which liberals refuse to learn, is that restraint and appeasement is interpreted by thugs, not as an evidence of humanity and good will, but of weakness, guilt, and pusillanimity. That was the lesson of the appeasement of Hitler in the 1930s, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Iranian hostage crisis, and countless other attempts to get along with people who don’t want to be gotten along with, except on their terms. Which means a surrender to them and their tyrannical, dictatorial ways. Barack Obama has spit in the face of nearly all of our friends and surrendered to nearly all of our enemies. Heaven help us, and the world, if we don’t get this man out of office in 2012.

But by then, it may be too late.