To the Democrats, Tyranny is a Success

Besides the killing of Osama bin Laden (which was accomplished by troops sent to the Middle East by George Bush), about the only "success" Obama is touting for his administration is "saving the auto industry"--the bailout of GM and Chrysler.  "I saved the auto industry!" he champions.  Only to Obama and liberals could tyranny be trumpeted as a success.

Why do I say this?  Well, let's consider.  Why did the auto industry (GM and Chrysler) need a "bailout" in the first place?  Put aside for a moment the horribly destructive role of the unions and the increasing number of non-productive retirees who were supported lavishly by the productive workers.  Anybody with an ounce of economic sense would be able to see that such was a recipe for eventual disaster.  But, again, set that aside and let me ask another question.

Why did the auto industry almost go bankrupt?  Basically, it was for the same reason any other company goes belly-up--it didn't provide consumers the products they wanted at prices they were willing to pay.  The American people, by and large, didn't want GM products.  A company like that should fail; if they don't provide what people want, they shouldn't be in business.  It happens every day.  But here comes Obama and forces the American people to support an industry they did not want to support on their own!  Forcibly taking people's money (taxes) and giving it to an entity they would not/did not voluntarily support is not freedom, folks.  It's tyranny.  This is only a "success" if you believe, with Obama and the Democrats, that government knows better how to spend your money than you do.  To Obama, tyranny is a success.

Actually, the bailout was for one reason--to save the unions, one of Obama's most slavish supporters.  It certainly wasn't for the good of the American people; they had spoken, loudly and clearly, with their pocketbooks, on the future of GM and Chrysler.  But, increasingly the federal government--and the Democratic Party almost absolutely--governs against the will of the people.  I grant you, most people are stupid and do stupid things with their money.  But freedom means people have that right, and often will learn from their mistakes if not "saved" from the consequences of those mistakes by those who think they know better, but more often than not don't, because...well, who put them in power in the first place?

Give Stupidity the vote, and it will elect Stupidity,  Give Immorality the vote, and it will elect Immorality.  And Stupidity and Immorality in power, Stupidity and Immorality with an army and a legislative pen, is a whole lot more dangerous than Stupidity and Immorality left to its own devices.