"The Loftiest of Hopes and The Greatest of Expectations"

Dana Milbank, a liberal Washington Post columnist, wrote an article, published September 7, entitled "Obama the demigod comes down to Earth."  The first line was about the just-concluded Democratic National Convention:  "It began, like the Obama presidency itself, with the loftiest of hopes and the greatest of expectations."   Alas, for so many, those hopes and expectations have been dashed.  Sad, but far from astonishing.

No one, who truly understands the meaning of existence on this earth, is the least bit surprised that Barack Obama has been a wretched failure as President of the United States.  The fact that there ever were such "hopes" and "expectations" is decisive evidence of how far men have drifted from God and the eternal principles of truth that flow from His very nature.  There was no way, from the very beginning, that Barack Obama could succeed, because, not only was he totally unqualified for the position in the first place, but, more importantly, what he believes--and has tried to put into practice--is just wrong.  More than ever, it is strikingly self-evident to the wise that the Bible is right, and that the principles and examples found in God's Word, and illustrated repeatedly throughout the history of mankind, are once again being confirmed.  Verily, because God does not immediately punish men for their sins (Ecclesiastes 8:11), there are times when the "wicked prosper" (Job 21:7; Jeremiah 12:1).   But men cannot mock God forever, and where evil might succeed, for a time, on a limited platform, it can only prove disastrous when attempted on a grander one.  Democracies always fail, because they end up compromising the truth to please the ignorant, selfish, pleasure-seeking majorities who elect people just like themselves.  And the farther a democracy moves away from the truth, the more rapidly it declines; the "left" will destroy a country more quickly and thoroughly than the "right."  Barack Obama is the most radical leftist President the United States has ever had; the country will survive (I guess), but never recover from, four more years of his and the Democratic Pary's deliberate booing of God.  The fact that Obama has a strong chance of re-election is, as I have written repeatedly, a full indication of how tragically far America has sunk into an immoral slime pit.

The only "hope" I had when Barack Obama was elected was that God would be patient enough with America to allow it to survive four years of rampant debauchery that was sure to come, but my "expectations" have been fully met--an insidious President who operates in direct denial of history, economic, and moral law.  His failure was a given.  Nor am I the least bit surprised that countless millions of people still do not see it.  You cannot know what you have not been taught, and the greatest tragedy of all in America, and the world, is abysmal ignorance of God's Word.  "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6).  Written about 2800 years ago, yet that bells tolls as clearly today as it did in the 8th century B. C.