Some More Interesting Headlines

The headlines keep telling us what is happening in the United States.  Here's one that should surprise no one:

Headline #1:  "Democrats Drop 'God' From Party Platform"

Well, at the least the Democrats are finally honest about something.  Their party platform doesn't mention God at all, which given their policies, is exactly what should happen.  No political party, no human being, who believes in abortion, homosexual marriage, feminism, etc. should use the word "God" in any context, except to say either, "I hate God," or "I don't believe in God."  In this case--for once--the Democrats did exactly what they should have done.

No, actually, of course, they should return to God, but since they aren't going to do that, and since they insist on defending some of the most egregiously immoral activities human beings can engage in, they should indeed distance themselves, as far as possible, from their Creator.  They can explain to Him why when they meet Him.

Headline # 2:  "Convicted murderer gets taxpayer-funded sex change"

This certainly goes a long way to explain why the United States is now $16 trillion in debt.  A federal judge claims this pervert, who killed his wife, is entitled to Americans paying for his perversion because he has "gender-identity disorder."  How in the world any sensible, rational, thinking, even semi-intelligent human being can come to a conclusion like this is completely beyond my ability to comprehend.  The United States government doesn't have the money, Judge Blithering Idiot, and to force decent human beings to pay for this is disgusting and tyrannical beyond description.  Well, maybe Joe Biden could explain it if it wasn't so hot....

Oh, wait a minute, I'm sorry, it's right there in Article One, Section Eight, of the Constitution, the powers given to Congress:  "Money shall be forcibly extracted from unwilling taxpayers to pay for sex changes for murderers."  Clearly a power the Founders gave to Congress....

Headline #3:  "DNC Video:  'The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To'"

This speaks volumes about the beliefs of the Democratic Party.  I've got news for these tyrants:  we are citizens of the United States, we don't "belong" to any government, the government belongs to us!   Government isn't some kind of "club" we are all members of.  Government exists for one reason, and one reason, only--to serve its citizens as efficiently, thriftly, and virtuously as possible, to protect their property (not redistribute it) from enemies, within and without, who would threaten it, and otherwise leave the people alone to pursue their own socially productive goals.  Some Republicans (not many) know this; no Democrats do, as this headline testifies.

And some interesting facts:  Unemployment was 7.8% when Barack Obama took office. It's now 8.3%. Median household income was almost $55,000. It's now less than $51,000. Gas was at $1.85 a gallon when he took office. Now, it's $3.78, almost doubled. National debt was $10.6 trillion and it will go past $16 trillion this week. 

And yet, in my opinion, Barack Obama still has a better-than-even chance to get re-elected.  This just isn't the same United States as it was, even 32 years ago, when Ronald Reagan was elected over a bumbling incumbent who, frankly, wasn't nearly as radical or incompetent as Barack Obama.  You just can't hold back the tide.