And A Few More Headlines....

I won't even bother to comment on most of these, except to can anybody believe that the United States is better off now than four years ago?

"Jobless claims rise 382,000 in latest week"  An Obama Labor Department official blamed Hurricane Isaac for the increase.  If they weren't destroying the country, Obama and his people could be really funny sometimes.

"Inflation jumps; wholesale gas up most in 3 years"

"Obama rejects Netanyahu meeting, invites Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood president to talk"

"Median income lowest since 1995"

"Lower class grows..."

"Rich-Poor Gap Widens to Most Since 1967..."  I thought that was what Obama was supposed to cure.

"Michelle O:  Being fat 'Greatest Threat to National Security."  I kid you not, folks, she said it.

"Dollar Weakens Before Fed Move"

"Protesters storm American embassy in Yemen"

"US Flags Burned at Tunisia embassy"

"New Clashes in Cairo" 

"Consulate in Berlin evacuated"

"Iraqi militia threatens U.S. interests"

Let's have four more years of this....

And if I didn't already know how brain dead, ignorant, and downright stupid millions of Americans are, then this poll figure would convince me.  In a recent Rasmussen poll, 47% of Americans (polled) trusted Obama in job creation compared to only 45% who trusted Romney more.  Here's a man who has never created a job in his life, against a man who worked, very successfully, in the private sector and created countless jobs and thus knows how to do it....and yet more Americans trust Obama to create jobs than Romney.  Brain dead.  People just don't care.  That's what Romney is up against.  People don't know or care about the well-being of the country.  They are going to vote Obama, and not one single, solitary shred of evidence will ever convince them to do otherwise.  That's frightening, for people who cannot, or who refuse to think for themselves, can and will be led by demagogues.  And demagogues have killed countless of hundreds of millions of people in history.