The Poor, Disadvantaged Hispanic In America

From a story today by the AP entitled "AP-Univision poll: Hispanic financial worries deep" (and the lack of capitals is theirs):

A recent AP-Univision poll uncovered that "nearly half or more" (huh??) of the nation's Hispanic population (they surveyed "more than 1,500" Hispanics) "express intense worry over losing their jobs, paying bills or saving for college, and similar numbers say they or a relative were unemployed recently."

Has anybody reading this recently lost their job or have a relative who has been unemployed?  Is this only an Hispanic problem?

Here's my favorite line in the story, but also the one that infuriates me the most:  "Hispanics are particularly vulnerable because they are less educated, have lower incomes and are likelier to be new to the United States than other groups."  Hey, you bozos at AP, how about going back about 100 years or so and studying the lives of recent immigrants to America from Europe, China, Japan, etc.  I gar-on-tee they were "less educated," had "lower incomes," and were "likelier to be new to the United States than other groups."  But they didn't gripe about it, march on Washington, D.C., and expect freebies from the government.  They went out, worked as many jobs as necessary to feed their families, LEARNED THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, and pulled themselves up without whining or begging for the government to take care of them.  And those are the people who helped make this country the greatest and most prosperous in the world.

Now, I don't want to blanketly condemn all Hispanic people in this country.  I know that a great number of them, perhaps well over a majority, are playing by the rules, working hard, getting an education, learning English, and trying to make something of themselves the way they are supposed to--by working for it and not by demanding that others take care of them.  But you'll never hear that from the Associated Press or the rest of the "mainstream media." 

A story like this would never have been written 100 years ago.  Nobody would have even thought about writing it because, back then, people were expected to take care of themselves and do whatever it took to survive.  Others would help if you really needed it (voluntarily, not through government force); but don't expect them to carry you along. 

But that was before liberalism showed up to destroy everything good and decent about the United States of America.