It's Not Just In America, Folks

Recently in Wellington, New Zealand, a "Christian" school was reprimanded, and forced to pay compensation and apologize to a teacher whom it had fired because he was a homosexual.  Board members for the school will also be required to take courses on human rights awareness.

The school--wimping out--offered to rehire the teacher, but he's already found another job.

"It's hard enough to go through finding yourself and accepting yourself and being 'out' in the first place. Having to go through discrimination doesn't help," the teacher said.  Poor baby.

The proper response of the school?  "NO!  We will not be badgered, intimidated, or forced into accepting, condoning, or in any way giving even the slightest hint that we approve of that vile, disgusting, sinful lifestyle.  If the teacher repents of his sin, we will forgive him.  But we will obey God and not men."

John 8.  The woman taken in adultery.  Jesus tells her, "Go and sin no more."  And the Roman authorities demand that Jesus take "human rights awareness" courses.

What do you think He would have done?

It behooves us not to forget that the moral rot that is a deep cancer in American society today has spread far, wide, and deep in all of the countries with a foundation in western civilization.  And if we cannot see that such is the reason why Osama bin Laden and radical Islam is fighting us so hard to keep "democracy" and the west out of their world, then we are blind to reality and have absolutely no hope of ever reaching any kind of equitable, even semi-peaceful agreement with those people.  I've said it before and I'll keep saying it:  we will never win a war in Afghanistan until we look in the mirror and realize that the greatest enemy we face is within our own country and civilization.  Barack Obama, Barney Frank, Teddy Kennedy, Hollywood, the educational establishment, and the "mainstream media" are a far, far greater danger to the future of this country than Osama bin Laden ever thought about being.

And obviously, the "intelligentsia" in New Zealand is every bit as stupid as their brothers in the United States.