Current Event Ramblings, July 16

Rush Limbaugh has an interesting thesis about the upcoming elections in November.  He believes that the Obama administration WANTS the Democrats to lose both houses of Congress so that when disaster strikes in 2011, Obama can blame the Republicans, step in as the Savior again, and get re-elected in 2012.  There is no way of knowing if that theory is correct, and we never will know, but the Democrats, especially in the House are some kind of angry at Obama for what they believe is lackluster support from the White House.  It becomes more and more apparent each day that Obama is in this for himself and cares very little about anyone else.  It's the narcissistic syndrome, I suppose.  Keep in mind that this man's main achievement before being elected President was authoring two books--both about himself.

And the White House is also filled with brilliant mind-readers, prophets of such astounding ability that they know better what other people are thinking than those people themselves.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which represents business in this country and knows what businessmen are thinking, held a summit in Washington on Wednesday, explaining that companies aren't hiring at the moment because of the climate of uncertainty that Obama has created in the business community.  Nobody is going to invest his money in future enterprises in an environment where it is unclear whether that investment will have a fair chance of success due to higher taxes and stricter regulations.  But, no, the Obama people say.  That is not why you business people are not investing; you are simply waiting for consumer demand to return.  This must be the reason, of course.  Surely the all-seeing, all-knowing Messiah is more cognizant of why businesses are not investing than they are themselves.  Folks, we survived Franklin Roosevelt who created the same kind of angst among businessmen in the 1930s.  But we are much, much farther along on the road to economic catastrophe in 2010.  I really don't know if we can survive Barack Obama or not.  Oh, we'll survive; but will America be what it once was, a beacon of light, freedom, hope, and opportunity?  Obama has every intention of turning this country into a third-rate, European-style socialistic dependency, where government controls and regulates every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave.  You do that by destroying success, not encouraging it, and that is exactly what he is trying to do.

Well, there might be one silver lining around that dark cloud.  If Obama destroys the American economy and people have no more reason to move here in hopes of bettering their future, that would certainly solve the illegal alien problem.