Current Events Ramblings, July 24

AP report today:
     "Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is docking his family's new $7 million yacht in neighboring Rhode Island, allowing him to avoid paying roughly $500,000 in taxes to his cash-strapped home state.
     If the Isabel were kept at the 2008 [sic] Democratic presidential nominee's summer vacation home on Nantucket or in Boston Harbor near his city residence, he would be liable for $437,500 in one-time sales tax. He would also have to pay $70,000 in annual excise taxes.
     Rhode Island repealed those taxes in 1993. That has made the state something of a nautical tax haven.
     Kerry spokesman David Wade said Friday the boat is being kept at Newport Shipyard not to evade taxes, but 'for long-term maintenance, upkeep and charter purposes.'"  Suuuuurrrrre.
     Don't you just love these lying hypocrites on the left?  My biggest surprise, however, is not that Kerry is doing what he's doing--which, frankly, is the intelligent thing--but that the AP reported it, though the author couldn't help but mention Kerry's "cast-strapped home state," as if the Senator was under some obligation to pay $500,000 to help pay the budget of the government of his poor, struggling Massachusetts.  Maybe the state ought to cut spending rather than demand people cough up more of their hard-earned money, though I'm not sure how hard Kerry worked to get his money.  Maybe he worked for it while he was in Vietnam.

     T-shirt recently seen in Texas:  "Give Tiger a Break.  Obama is Screwing the Whole Country!"

     The guy who designed the cap that BP used on the leaking well is a backyard garage engineer, a plumber, an average Joe.  He doesn't even want people to know who he is.  It's called "capitalism," folks.  Turn people loose and the creativity of the human mind is nearly boundless.  We've seen that for the last 200 years and it's what made this country the richest in human history.  I used to tell my students that the greatest resource in the world is not oil or gold or anything in the ground.  It's the human mind.

     The Constitution says that a public official can only be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors."  I continue to hear calls to impeach Obama.  No.  Destroying the country is not a Constitutionally valid reason for impeachment.