Keeping Insurance Companies Honest

Part of Mr. Obama's stated desire for a "public option" in health care is to "keep insurance companies honest."

What a hoot. Can you see the irony of politicians trying to keep other people honest?

This isn't about honesty, folks, this is about power--taking the freedom of medical decisions away from you and your doctor and giving it to some uncaring bureaucrat in Washington. And it isn't about "insuring the uninsured." Why does it take 1,000 pages of legislation to provide insurance for those who don't have it?

And another question. Why are so many people "uninsured"? How many of those people, such as those who are young and healthy, could pay for health insurance but simply choose to spend their money on other things? Why should I pay for their health insurance?

And is anybody in this country really uninsured? The poor have Medicaid; the elderly have Medicare. Federal law requires emergency rooms to treat anyone who comes in, whether they can pay or not. Nobody--including people who have no legal right to be in this country--is denied medical care. What's the big stink?

Yes, costs need to be brought down. And the best way to do that is get government and lawyers out of it and let the free market work.