Individual Responsibility

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Thomas Sowell, an economist and syndicated columnist, makes a brilliant point in an article he released today entitled "The Great Escape":

"No small part of the current confusion between "health care" and medical care comes from failing to recognize that Americans can have the best medical care in the world without having the best health or longevity because so many people choose to live in ways that shorten their lives....Americans can end up ruining the best medical care in the world in the vain hope that a government takeover will give us better health."

We just don't hear many politicians today talking about individual responsibility, people taking responsibility for their own lives and accepting the consequences of their lifestyle choices. No, people want to live as they please and then expect somebody else to pay the bill.

As Sowell so rightly says, government cannot give us better health. That can only be done by people taking care of themselves--and being required to pay for the consequences of improper choices.

If you want to eat junk, get fat, and die young, that's your business. Just don't expect me to pay for it.