All They Did Was Change Colors

New York and Chicago both had their coldest June in generations. Some places in the north said they haven't had any summer. Nashville, Al Gore's home, recently recorded its lowest temperature on record for that particular day.

In the late 1970s, I read a book, written by a scientist (I forget his name), that was a major selection of a scientific book club. The book was entitled Fire or Ice? In that book, the author predicted that we were headed for another ice age. There have been some scientists recently who are beginning to argue the same thing. The surface temperature of the earth has not risen in over a decade.

"Global warming" became an issue after the fall of the Soviet Union. Marxists, of course, hate industrial capitalism; that's the major thesis of the whole Marxist doctrine. It's also the major doctrine of today's "green" movement. Folks, when Marxism collapsed in the Soviet Union and most places around the world (even the Chicoms and Vietnamese have largely abandoned it), these people didn't admit defeat and announce that Marxism was an incoherent, unworkable philosophy. They simply shifted over to the Greenies.

The only thing the Reds did was change colors.