The Intelligence of Barack Obama

Quite frankly, the man is an ignoramus. He knows nothing about history; I've heard him say, "History teaches us..." blah blah blah, when anyone with a gnat's nose worth of historical knowledge knows that history teaches the exact opposite of what he posited. He certainly knows nothing about economics. Again, the gnat's nose intellect--0r plain old common horse sense--is aware that you can't spend your way out of debt or tax your way to prosperity. But that's his plan. He knows nothing about human nature, as is evident from his foreign affairs schemes. One of the saddest truths of humankind (and a lesson that history DOES abundantly teach) is that "niceness" is interpreted by thugs, not as evidence of decency and moral worth, but of weakness and lack of strength. And they'll take advantage of it. The Vietnam debacle is solid evidence of this.

(Incidentally, speaking of foreign affairs, has anyone seen Hillary Clinton around anywhere? (aes2, have you seen her?) Obama has her buried in Africa and other useless Third World countries, and it's very obvious why--if she were over here in America, she'd probably outshine him, and that is one thing he cannot abide. So send her galavanting off to Mars or Alpha Centauri where she'll be a non-factor. Obama's not stupid; he's just an ignoramus.)

Anyway, back to Obummer's intelligence. He can make a great speech (that somebody else wrote), but get him away from his teleprompter and pat answers and he bumbles like a fool. He may have a high IQ; probably does. But, folks, having a high IQ is no guarantee of intelligence. I've spent much of my life in higher education (either as a student or teacher) and some of the dumbest people I know are college professors who (supposedly) have high IQs. Adolf Hitler had a high IQ. Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Charles Darwin were probably geniuses, but the hundreds of millions of people butchered by Hitler, Marx, Lenin, and Darwin (whose theory was the foundation of Nazism and Marxist-Leninism) no doubt fail to appreciate the supreme "intelligence" of these men. No, a high IQ does not guarantee astuteness--or human decency. And Barack Obama's problem is the same that most leftist (and many rightist) "intellectuals" have: they don't know or understand the source of knowledge.

The Bible says, correctly, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge," and "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Proverbs 1:7; 9:10). Knowledge and wisdom start by understanding they come from God. If one begins his/her journey to "knowledge" or "wisdom" from a different launching place, they will end Vladimir Lenin, Adolf Hitler...Barack Obama (and, please, I'm not comparing Obama to those monsters, except in the principle of a false foundation for his "intelligence.") The apostle Peter puts it in perhaps an even better perspective: "...add to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge..." (II Peter 1:5). It is no coincidence that Peter put "virtue" before "knowledge." Without virtue, knowledge becomes power; and without virtue, power becomes tyranny.

The incredible increase in human knowledge over the last 200 years has not made man humble, as it should, leading him to recognize just how little he knows. What knowledge (without virtue) has done has made man arrogant, haughty, filled him with the belief that human reason, alone and unaided by God, can solve mankind's perpetual problems. The 20th century is a clear indication what that horrendous philosophy produced. Some day a wise man will write a history book entitled "The 20th Century: Atheism in Power," because that is exactly what it was. Divorced from God, unencumbered by any moral restraints other than his belief in his own infallibility, men experimented, time and again, on his fellow man. Liberal, secular intellectuals--"progressives," as they fancied and called themselves--thought that the answers could be found in human reason, and if only they controlled the state, the media, and education, they could create a utopia on earth. Folks, that's all Nazism and Communism were--attempts to create an earthy paradise because the heavenly one no longer existed. But it's also why these "intellectuals" so viciously attacked religion and the family--there can be no higher allegiance than to the state, and of course, people who believe in God and family might (and probably will) be more devoted to something than the exotic experiments of the new secular Messiahs. "You can't be a Jew and be a good German," Hitler offered, because Jews might be more loyal to Israel than to Germany (Hitler didn't like Catholics or Lutherans, either, but had more sense than to brazenly attack the Catholic or Lutheran churches). To those who truly understand history, and the mindset of the liberal, secular intellectual, it is absolutely no surprise that religion and the family have been under attack, openly and privily, in America for over a generation now. And here also we will find one of the main reasons for the left's mindless hatred of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin--people of faith are the worst enemies of modern, "progressive" thinking. Thus, Southerners are always backwoods, shoeless, racist hicks carrying Confederate flags and thumping their Bibles, while Harvard intellectuals come to save the day. Fortunately, a lot of Americans can see through this; they may not know, or understand, the history behind it, but they do understand, within the spirit that God gave them, that something is drastically wrong. And it is.

What's wrong is knowledge without virtue. The unappeasable appetite of the secular left for control of, and power over, their fellow man. They know better than you--they are "intellectuals," after all, and you are the stupid, unwashed masses--so shut up and follow like sheep. It will be the swan song of the United States--if we continue to elect people like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, et al to positions of power.

"How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."--Adolf Hitler