Rush on Newt and the SC Primary

Rush Limbaugh is spot-on why Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary.  Some of his comments are worth reproducing here:

"Newt is a vessel. The heads of your party, you want the people that run the party that you're a member of to get the message, stop making fun of you, stop impugning you, stop thinking you're a bunch of hayseed hicks. You just to want save the country. You want somebody that's gonna have fire and brimstone to go out and beat Obama. You don't want people that are afraid to campaign. I know exactly what this victory in South Carolina was all about. The Republican primary voters are this audience. I know exactly what's going on here. I've known probably longer than 25 years. But the people who make this country work are sick and tired of being blamed, falsely accused, attacked, called bigots and racists and sexists and homophobes and all these other horrible, rotten things, selfish, greedy.

They're seeing their futures robbed. Their party doesn't seem to have the guts to do anything to stop it. They see their party leaders wanting to get themselves in charge of it all. This (caller), if I'd-a let him go on, he'd say, 'We don't care if Newt were married ten times right now. We don't care if Newt had married a horse right now. The message is what we want sent.' We want this party to figure out how to represent us. We think we know how to beat Obama, and it's not with McCain. It's not by going after the independents. It's not by saying we want to compromise and cross the aisle and work with those people who are destroying this country as it was founded.

We don't want to work with those people. Those people have been laughing at us and making fun of us and impugning us, and we don't want you being friends with them. They are taxing us. They are preventing our attempt to acquire wealth. They are spending our children's future away. Why do you want to make nice with them? Why do you want to work with them? Why do you want to compromise with them? Why don't you want to beat them? That's what we want. Ergo, somebody comes along and shows how it could be done, and they go, 'Yeah, right on, mama, keep it coming.' That's all Saturday was. And it was a result of a couple big days prior to Saturday in the wake of South Carolina."

Rush is exactly right.  It's not Newt, it's the message!  If you want to read more of Rush's comments about Newt, which are equally pertinent and incisive--and he talks at length about Newt's problems--follow this link: