Politics Is A Dirty Game

We all know that, of course--i.e., that politics is (are?) dirty.  Power is one of the most corrupting things known to man.  Many people would rather have power than money, and that has become as true in the United States as anywhere else.  It's a shame, because the savagery of politics is a disincentive for any decent person--the kind of people needed running the country--to become involved.  So we end up with incompetents like Barack Obama, or dingbats like Nancy Pelosi, or revoltingly immoral curs like Barney Frank, Bill Clinton, and Teddy Kennedy--mediocrities who have no ability to be critical of, or no conscience that bothers them when they seek to destroy other people.  And heaven forbid if anybody comes up with a decent idea that would truly help others.  If it goes against liberal ideology, then amoral liberals will do whatever is necessary to make sure that person gets nowhere near the reins of power, at least if they can do anything about it.

Newt Gingrich is a strange duck, there's no question about it.  One moment, he can say something beyond brilliance, and the next day he can come out with ideas as ridiculous as Barack Obama (notice, I didn't say Barack Obama's).  His past life is less than exemplary; the media has discovered that Newt is a sinner, but that only matters, of course, if a person is a Republican.  He's a bit arrogant and hot-headed, and in times past, something of a loose cannon.  Frankly, he'd probably make a pretty good President.  With some self-control, he could be a great President.

Gingrich has some marvelous ideas, and he has never been more articulate, eloquent, and practical than he was this past Monday night in the FOX debate.  His answers to Juan Williams' race-baiting questions were brilliant, and drew a standing ovation from the crowd, something unheard of in debates.  Newt touched a chord with many Americans.  Decent Americans know that people should work for a living, for their own sake.  Work is good in every single thing it accomplishes, individually and collectively.  Even when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden before they sinned, God made them work--"dress and keep the garden."  And these same decent Americans are tired of freeloaders, and more than that, tired of the liberalism which caters to it, encourages it by casting the freeloaders as "victims", and forces hard-working Americans to shell out their ever-deflating money (thanks to the government) to cover the cost of supporting these parasites.  No doubt--and subsequent events have shown--liberals were frightened out of their wits at Newt's common sense answers and the response they got from the audience.  One thing liberals do NOT want is more and more Americans--especially blacks--having jobs.  Because if people are working, they aren't dependent upon government and thus don't need liberals.  Job-creation and independence are the very antithesis of modern liberalism (unless they are union jobs, of course).  Gingrich has finally...finally...got to go...

So out come the brutal attack dogs again.  I don't know what Newt's ex-wife is going to say about him in this upcoming interview, but it doesn't matter.  The media doesn't care what she says as long as Newt Gingrich can be destroyed and Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee.  Nancy Pelosi herself has said that the Democrats want to run against Romney.  He's weak, he's mush, he appears vulnerable in the one lie they use to buy more votes than anything--class warfare--and he's not Newt Gingrich.  (Notice also, however, that guns are starting to be aimed at Romney as well.  "He gave millions of dollars to the Mormon church."  Yes, giving money to a church charity is certainly something liberals can't understand and don't believe in.)  Thus, the target now becomes Newt Gingrich's personal life and how to spread as much horse manure as possible to detract from people hearing his ideas.  It's really amazing Newt has lasted as long as he has in the race and is still as popular as he is.  That's because of one thing--he's a brilliant man with some brilliant ideas and he can articulate them better than anyone else.  Countless millions of Americans are hungering for that, yearning for a return to the days when America believed in industry, sacrifice, decency, virtue--an America they can believe in.  Every one of those things will destroy liberalism, and that's why the attacks on Gingrich and other conservatives are so incredibly vicious and without any restraint or an ounce of decency.  Victory is all that matters, and thus anything goes, which is the mantra of secular liberalism's ethical subjectivism--the same moral philosophy, incidentally, that underlay Nazism and Marxism, and brutally murdered hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century.  American liberals, frankly, scare me, because the only restraint they DO have comes from the moral capital that Christianity brought to this country, and still exists in the minds of a huge segment of the population.  And that is a capital liberals are working 24/7 to eradicate.  Well, they are also concerned that the Tea Party people all have guns and will use them, if necessary.  It's no surprise that liberals want to take away people's guns; it's exactly what Hitler and Stalin did.  An unarmed populace can't shoot back.   Government is to have all the power.  None for God, none for the church, or the family, or the people--all power in the state.  Everybody looking, not to Father God, but to Father Government for guidance, a government controlled, of course, by an atheistic secular elite.  That's what this is all about, folks, and given what happened in the 20th century, it ought to scare our pants off.

But back to the main point of this post.  No, I am not endorsing Newt Gingrich or anybody else; it doesn't matter who I want, Romney is going to get the nomination.  Gingrich certainly has his baggage and his Republican opponents have not been slow to expose it.  Indeed, the Republicans have been doing a marvelous "bite and devour one another" dance--no doubt, much to the delight of the Democrats, though in one sense, it's understandable that each Republican candidate is trying to distinguish himself (herself) from the others, and that's the main motivation among those candidates.  But it's not the motivation among the liberals.   As sure as night follows day, liberalism will do everything it can to destroy any conservative who appears to be even a threat to their power.

Newt, you done good Monday night...and you're going to pay the price for it.