Current Events Blog, June 26

As of today, I have been in Korea for exactly one year.  And, for those of you who are not yet aware, I will not be here much longer.  I have accepted a job in China, teaching history for Missouri State University, which offers a international business degree through Liaoning University in Dalian.  Since the program and degree go through MSU, all of the "basics," including history, must be offered, and thus, I'll be back teaching my first educational love (I speak in secular terms here; the Bible is my greatest teaching love, of course).  My last day of work here in Paju will be July 22.  I will be leaving shortly thereafter; the details are not yet finalized.  It's been a good year in Korea, but I'm ready to leave here.  Given some of the economic woes around the world, I feel very blessed to have had this job in Korea, but even more, to get the job in China.  It wasn't my first choice; I'd like to go back home.  But the Lord moves as He will and we are here for His use.  And if He currently wants me in China, that's where I'll go.  I'll provide more particulars about the job as time moves on.

To what should have been no one's surprise, the state of New York passed a law allowing homosexuals to "marry."  This is absurd, of course, marriage was established and defined by God as one man and one woman, and homosexual relations have always been thoroughly vile to him.  But the self-anointed "elite" of America--policy makers, academics, and so forth--have abandoned the Judeo-Christian moral code upon which the United States was founded.  And once God is removed from the equation, there remain no more absolutes--none--by which a society is to be governed.  All becomes a matter of expediency.  Thus, a nation of peoples--or rather, those whom the people put or allow in power--will resort to whatever is necessary to create the kind of society they wish to create.  This is abundantly demonstrated in history, and even recent history.  The Nazis, the Marxists, the Japanese imperialists, and a host of others, allowed no moral strictures to stop them.  Why pay attention to the censure of the world if there is no God and no moral absolutes?  What does Adolf Hitler care, right now, what we think of him?  The actions of the New York state government are emblematic of the moral deterioration of the United States and of the tremendous divide that now exists in the country.  This division is not just over policy--it is far more serious, indeed, far more so than what divided the country before our war between the states.  For this current division is one over a fundamental view of what human beings are, where they came from, what the world ought to be, and how we ought to arrive there.  The real lesson--and fear--in what New York did is in the direction such actions are taking America.  For a people who will ignore what God says on one matter in order to create the kind of society they desire, will ignore Him on other matters as well, and that will be based solely on their whim and perceived need.  They will judge based upon their vision of what is right and wrong, and given power--as they have in New York--there is no way of preventing them from doing whatever they think is necessary to create the earthly utopia that exists in their warped metaphysical vision of the world.  The 20th century--so recent and yet the lessons of which are so forgotten--proves this conclusively (and other historical examples could be given as well).  If we think what happened in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia cannot happen in the United States, then...consider what New York state did yesterday.  Nobody in Bismarck's Germany believed a Hitler was possible there, either.  And do not forget that Hitler was democratically elected as Chancellor.

Now, the perceptive reader knows that I'm not equating homosexuality with genocide.  It is the principle described above that is vital.  Where, and when, are these "progressives" in America going to stop?  Where are they going to stop?  And why will they stop where they do?  And, just as important, what will eventually happen to those people who do try to stop them?  Look at how bitter, how vindictive, is their hatred of George Bush and Sarah Palin.  How far is it from hatred in the heart to a gas chamber?  Ask the Jews living in Germany in the 1930s. 

Actually, "hatred" is not even necessary.  Stalin didn't hate the peasants, except as they were in the way of the kind of "new Soviet man" he and his cohorts wanted to create.  And he had no qualms about killing millions of them because he believed in no God to Whom he was accountable.

And if you say, "What happened in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia could never happen in the United States," then you have my pity for your ignorance of history and the nature of man, and his actions, when he tries to live without God.  And obtains the power to enforce his will upon others.  Man, with God, has often proven to be a terrifying creature.  But man without God is the greatest evil conceivable.  And that, dear reader, is the supreme lesson of history--and the one that the man without God wants you to never learn or always forget.