The American Economy

As reported by the media, there was some rotten news on the economic front in the United States last week.  Employers weren't hiring as many people "as expected," unemployment went up to 9.1%, the stock market has been tanking, housing is bad, etc. etc. etc.  After a robust recovery, the economy seems to be heading for a "double dip" recession.  Terrible, huh.

Let me tell you how to interpret all this.

1.  The economy never was "recovering," at least not with the energy the "mainstream media" has been reporting.  Keep in mind, they are unapologetic, devoted sycophants of Barack Obama, so they've tried to portray what has been, at best, a very, very weak recovery as solid economic growth.  That makes Obama look good, of course, which is exactly--and all--they want.

2.  But now, bad news.  Frankly, the news wasn't as bad as all that, at least not given what the economy has actually been doing for the past two years.  But--and this is crucial--by portraying the economic news as terrible, the media can then praise Obama to the hilt for any upcoming "good" reports (provided there are any).  So, it's horrible now, the world is fixing to come to an end, and soon, if things get better, it will all be because of the genius of Barack Obama.  This isn't fooling anybody except those who wish to be fooled.

3.  Some have been saying that a bad economy is exactly what Obama wants, that he is, in effect, trying to destroy the American economic system.  I can't read the man's mind or heart, but I do know he leans very strongly towards socialism.  And socialism's number one enemy is capitalism.  Capitalism means economic freedom; socialism means government control.  Which one do you think Obama wants?  So a failing American economy, blamed on "capitalism" (an absence thereof is the actual reason), can lead to exactly what Obama and his cronies want--more power in their own hands.  I'm not sure the major media outlets are smart enough to catch on to this, but Obama doesn' t care about that.  As long as they portray him as the best President we've ever had, he'll let them believe whatever they want.

Barack Obama has absolutely no clue how to build a strong economy.  Well, maybe he does and just doesn't want it to happen.  Because, again, it is freedom--capitalism--that creates economic growth and freedom is the antithesis of what the liberal elite desires.  So pay no attention, dear reader, to what the "mainstream media" says.  Always remember that they are nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.