Current Events Ramblings, July 5

Just a quick note to keep every interested body up-to-date.  I'm slowly putting everything together to leave Korea for a new adventure in China.  I reported earlier that my last work day would be July 22; that's been pushed back to Friday, the 29th, and I'll fly out of Korea on the 31st.  Dalian is only about 250 miles from Paju, and one hour behind, so I will arrive in China about the same time I left Korea.  I'll get a very nice severence pay check, the retirement monies I paid in here will be given to me, and I'll get my room deposit back and about $400 towards my flight to China (which is more than it costs).  The biggest headache I'm going to have is getting to the Chinese embassy in Seoul to get the work visa.  I have absolutely no idea how to get there, but I'm asking around to see if anybody can direct me.  I don't think getting the visa will be a problem, but it will be a pain.  Other than that, except for some of the kids we've had recently, everything is ok.  Well, I've felt pretty rotten, but I know that some of that is the stress of what's coming up.  It's part of what I deal with in life.  I'm anxious to leave here; I will certainly NOT miss Korean food.  The final blow was the barbecued eggplant they served one day, and the soup that was so hot it would have melted hell.  Even McDonald's will look good.