The Best Country in the World to Live In

Newsweek magazine, that bastion of intellectual superiority, recently proclaimed Finland as the best country in the world in which to live, followed by Sweden and Switzerland.  I won't bore the readers with Newsweek's arguments in reaching such a conclusion, I would only say that, determining "the best" country to live in depends entirely upon the criterion used in making that determination, and Newsweek, a magazine enamoured of European-style socialism, could be expected to name such countries as their choices of places to live.  They are welcome to it.

And, indeed, if one is more concerned with security than liberty, if one is willing to sacrifice the fruits of one's labors in order to let someone else take care of him, if one doesn't mind the incredibly waste and fraud of his tax dollars (and such is rampant in Scandinavia and other European countries)--in short, if one wants only limited freedom and massive submission to a bureaucratic morass--then yes, I suppose Finland and Sweden would be good places to live.

Those who want to be burped like a baby from cradle to grave should, indeed, move to Europe.  Those who want the opportunity to become the best they can possibly be, to pursue their dreams without government making every effort to interfere with them, to reach for the stars and strive for limitless accomplishments, should find a free country to live it.  The problem is, I don't know where one is any more.