The People Vs. Tyranny

The people of Arizona strongly supported, in their state, a law to protect their state from illegal immigration.  A judge--one person--struck it down.

The people of California (!) approved a measure banning same-sex marriage.  A judge--one person--struck it down.

In a vote yesterday, 71% of the voters of Missouri rejected a key provision in Obama's health care bill requiring that nearly all Americans purchase health insurance, a provision that the Democratic party rammed through Congress over the objection of a solid majority of the American people. 

The people vs. government.  I, certainly, am one who strongly believes that "the people" are often wrong (they elected Obama and the Democrats in the first place--but now are at least realizing their horrible mistake).  But I do believe that "the people" should have the freedom to be wrong without tyranny trying to change things in accordance with its own view of what is right and wrong.  Because "the elite" is nearly always wrong.  Their world view is in direct opposition with eternal principles and the wisdom of the ages, and such a "progressive" mentality, which rejects the values and qualities that have proven successful over countless generations--not to mention those which have been revealed to us from heaven itself--is doomed to error and failure.  That is the great catastrophe of liberalism, and why this country is headed for disaster.  "The people" have let liberals run this country for way too long.

Yet, "the people" elected those idiots.  What goes around comes around...

But they didn't elect the federal judges who reject what the people decide.  If we are going to have a "democracy," then we must not have one person overthrowing the will of the majority.  That is as far from democracy as one can get.  It is the ultimate definition of tyranny and autocratism.