The Latest from Korea

It's very muggy here and we are in the middle of a summer "VIP" program, which doesn't mean "very important person," it means something else, but I'm not sure what.  Kim Jong-il is still blowing his nose across the border and nobody down here is paying the least bit of attention to him.

Anyway, if you want to see the latest pictures, check the right hand column.  I had these kids--the ones in the classroom pictures--in my "home room" for two weeks, though I taught other students as well.  It's hard not to become a little attached to them; they went home today.  The two white girls were from Russia.  The Village here teaches other nationalities than Koreans.  We also had a contingent of Japanese students here this week, but I didn't get to teach any of them.  As cute as these kids are, it's an energy intensive job and I'm worn out by the end of the day and almost dead by the end of the week.  I'm trying to get into the adult teaching program here, and I've had at least one "administrator" recommend me for the position, and another long-standing instructor who told me he would do so as well.  So I hope I'll be moving there in the not-too-distant future.  I think I would find that a little more intellectually challenging and stimulating, and I might not be so tired at the end of the day/week.  I want to do more blog writing, but I just haven't felt much like it.

We've got two more weeks of this "VIP" program and then we'll be back to normality.  I'll keep everyone informed.