Current Events Ramblings, August 14

There really hasn't been a whole lot I've wanted to comment on lately, and this week I've been absolutely exhausted pulling elementary kids off the walls and down from the chandeliers.  I've pressed my boss pretty hard about getting me into the adult teaching program, and he's told me possibly in October, almost surely by the first of next year.  I hope so; the sooner the better.

I just returned from dinner at the village cafeteria.  I passed on the octopus.

A couple of predictions:  One, the Republicans won't win either house of Congress this fall, but will make substantial gains.  I just think they are too far behind to catch up completely.  The mood of the country is anti-incumbent, not just anti-Democrat.  Throw all the bums out.  But there are enough stupid people in the country to vote most of the incumbents back into office.  It was Adolf Hitler who said, and correctly I believe, "There is no end of stupid people in the world."  If you don't like Hitler, then here's one from Albert Einstein:  "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

Two, the next President will be a Republican (probably in 2012, most assuredly in 2016).  Why do I say that?  History.  Look at whom the American people have elected for the past 60 years:

1948--Democrat (Truman)
1952 and '56--Republican (Eisenhower)
1960 and '64--Democrat (Kennedy and Johnson)
1968 and '72--Republican (Nixon)
1976--Democrat (Carter)
1980, '84, '88--Republican (Reagan and Bush)
1992 and '96--Democrat (Clinton)
2000 and 2004--Republican (Bush)
2008--Democrat (Obama)

The American people are so confused that they don't know what they want.  Reference Hitler and Einstein quotes above.

I've finished the "Minor Prophets" blog and have started working on Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, where the interested reader will find some posts.  I'm also moving along with Cowboy Story 5, though I'm not terribly happy with it at the moment.  But then, I'm not Louis L'amour so I shouldn't expect too much of myself, though I do think stories 1, 2, and 3 are pretty good and story 4, though too long, has some really good parts to it as well.  I'll keep readers informed on how I progress on this new story.  I'm tempted to have an outlaw come into town and kill about 300 elementary school kids....................