My All-Time Favorite Quote

This is from a book entitled Out of Chaos, page 109, written in the 1970s by Professor Louis Halle. The book jacket says it is the "crowning achievement of his career," and it was a monthly selection of a major science book club.

"Much of the scientific explanation offered for the origin and development of life appears to entail a haphazard succession of coincidences, representing chaos, that gradually assumes an ever more compelling direction. It is as if a lot of variously shaped stones tumbling down a mountainside, converging in channels as they fall, should come to rest at the bottom, one on top of another, in the shape of the Parthenon. Science must attempt to explain this by the operation of natural laws alone."

You gotta love these evolutionists. Everybody knows that the Parthenon was built by a Greek named Coincidence, borrowing from his buddies Haphazard Succession and Chaos. And that mountains just spontaneously appeared with rocks on the top and channels running down their sides. And no doubt all those rocks just started jumping off the top of the mountain on their own. And all of this is...scientific.

Do I really have to educated to believe that?